All right, here it is! Yesterday and Monday, we worked through the ten season 4 Project Runway designers who fell into our Power Rankings for Middle Five and Bottom Five.

Today, we look at the picks for the Top Five. These individuals’ backgrounds and runway looks indicated they might just make it far in the competition.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

5. Carmen Webber. Daniel Vosovic was not too impressed with two of Carmen’s looks, including the hoodie-bloomer combo to the left there. He did like the look to the right more. While I personally agree from a taste perspective, there are a couple of reasons I think she might go far.

For one, regardless of the aesthetic, the garments look polished, and Carmen is a professional. She has a business and presents herself very very well in interviews. I think that even if the judges might not be fans of her style, as Daniel was not, she will still be able to stay safe in the Project Runway competition based on the maturity of her presentation and her construction abilities. If she can make more looks like the one to the right, maybe her designs will impress more as well.

4. Christian Siriano. Christian has was all my top-ranked designers have. Whether or not I actually like the designs, their clothes have a confidence, a finished and solid-looking construction and a “point of view” as the judges say.

While Daniel thought “This was one of my favorite looks. I felt it was both modern and young,” I wasn’t personally crazy about it. But all three of his looks showed that he is coming into the competition with skills and confidence, and that can take a designer far.

3. Kit Pistol. I’ll admit it, I’m clueless as to precisely for what kind of event a formal leotard with fringed leg-warmers is appropriate. But then again, I write about TV; I might not be getting out enough.

Her other design, though, is very pleasing, and all three of her looks showed, again, self-assurance, thoughtfulness, a definite personal style and good construction.

2. Jillian Lewis. I really did not expect her to emerge this high on the list. All three of her looks, however, got kudos from Daniel for their fit and detailing. They were all also an interesting combination of classic styles with some kind of slight twist or even almost “off” element that made them even more appealing. An almost jolie-laide kind of look. All in all, her looks left me feeling very curious about what else she might bring to the table, and a designer who inspired interest and anticipation, while still having the fundamental skills, is a designer who can go far.

1. Rami Kashou. By total coincidence, when I began writing the Meet the Designers series for this season, Rami was the first designer I profiled.  It was just luck of the draw. But now I find he’s in my first place spot here as well.

Daniel said of this dress, “This really shows an understanding of fit, drape, and construction. I’m sure if this is any indication of what Rami can do, he’ll [do] well on the show.” He also had high praise for Rami’s other looks.

Rami has already been working as a successful designer, with celebrity clients like Jessica Alba. He was also featured on Tyra Banks’ daily talk show as a designer to watch out for. He has the basic skills, he’s got the experience, he’s almost overqualified! I’m sure this means that my pick for top spot will somehow get eliminated week one, but nevertheless. While Jillian’s designs, to me, were as professional looking while being more conceptually interesting, and other designers had looks I’d be more likely to wear, Rami seems to have the total package. He can appeal to a broad audience without being too too derivative, he has a personal point of view without straying too far from what a woman would want to wear…but most importantly, he can actually construct a gorgeous gown.

So there are our Top Five! Now we just have to hunker down for the next few months and see what happens on Project Runway.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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