Make Me a Supermodel, the new Bravo reality series from the minds that brought us Project Runway and Top Chef, is bringing viewer participation to a new level.  The reality show, which will be hosted by super models Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford, is a reality competition program in which aspiring models attempt to launch a super star career.  The series doesn’t premiere January 2008, but the competition begins now.  Internet users can head over to and vote for who they think should be the final two Make Me a Supermodel contestants.  There are six finalists for the two spots, three girls and three guys, and people are allowed to vote for one girl and one guy. The voting period has already begun and the polls will close on November 26 and 4PM ET.

Here’s a brief look at the six Make Me a Supermodel hopefuls:

Angelica – 18 years old – Arlington Heights, Illinois

Angelica is of Polish descent – in fact, besides her immediate family, the rest of her kin still resides in Poland.  She’s been modeling since she was little and right now Angelica works as a receptionist at a law firm, is a part-time translator and studies accounting.  She lives at home with her mother and siblings.

Josiah – 22 year old – Nashville, Tennessee

Josiah has been married for two years and hopes to have a dual career in music and modeling.  He attended Belmont University where he played hockey and majored in voice.  His rock band is about to release its first LP.

Katy – 21 years old – Auburn, Alabama

Katy didn’t grow up very well off, her grandparents helping raise her, but this only made Katy a go-getter.  Katy is a rabid worker, commuting for hours on any given day to attend casting calls.  She was a tomboy growing up and she still loves to go horseback riding.

Ben – 22 years old – Nashville, Tennessee

Ben has been working at a correctional officer for the past two years.  He’s married and he met his wife in high school at band camp.  They’ve now been together for six years.  He admires Brad Pitt and takes his style cues from him.  Ben is a family man, despite growing up in a tough childhood.

Ashlie – 20 years old – Lexington, Kentucky

Ashlie is a smart girl, having been an English whiz growing up, and fancies herself an extroverted personality.  Her father lives in China, she wants to travel the world, and she says she looks like Anne Hathaway.  Ashlie loves Stella McCartney.

Igor – 21 years old – Chicago, Illinois

Igor is originally a native of Bosnia, but while on vacation in Serbia the political strife in his home country separated him from his parents for two years.  His father was shot multiple times, but dressed his own wounds and survived.  Igor loves heavy metal and life in general.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of Bravo)

Oscar Dahl

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