Tonight, on The Next Great American Band, each remaining group played one song.  That one song was a Billy Joel cover.  It’s a little weird that bands won’t be judged on one of their originals this week, but that’s OK, because Billy Joel was an awesome song writer and we got to hear some of his best tonight.  The top eight performed tonight and, now that we’re down to an hour, the show went by very quickly.  Not much filler, which is great, but it felt a bit rushed.  However, two hours is too long for any reality show and I’m happy we’re down to an hour.  The Next Great American Band is doing the same thing they did last week with eliminations: bands wait back stage until their name is called to perform.  The two left at the end of the night were eliminated.

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Anonymous said: To me Light of Doom had the best performance of the night and I am glad that the show left them for last. …

TheEditor said: “Very good, for their age” is such a total cop-out when talking about Light of Doom. They’re not competing…

Anonymous said: Light of Doom is very good, for their age, they are turning a lot of heads out there.. and Sixwire is pr…

Those two were Rocket and The Muggs.  Given last week’s performances by those two bands, it’s kind of hard to argue with the results.

Franklin Bridge – “Big Shot”

My favorite band on the show came out first and proved how difficult a challenge covering Billy Joel with a rock band is.  “Big Shot” is a very rhythmically complex song and, I imagine, something that was difficult to learn in one week.   That being said, they were good.  The leader singer had a pretty hard time at points, but overall it was really good.  The guitarists are awesome.  The judges all love it, even Dicko. 

Cliff Wagner and the Old #7 – “You May Be Right”

They played an old school country version of this song.  It sounded like a performance on The Lawrence Welk Show.  It was really slowed down and twangy.  It was good for what it was, but that’s not going to burn up the radio any time soon.  Dicko calls the song sleepy and boring.  I agree. 

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra – “Tell Her About It”

Denver doesn’t rock.  But they play really up-tempo happy big band music.  It’s good and they really arranged the hell out of the Bill Joel song.  They are, by far, the cleanest sounding band on the show.  I have a feeling that America is going to take these guys far in the competition.  Tonight was probably my favorite performance by them on the show so far.  Dicko thinks they’d make a lot of money playing corporate gigs.

Dot Dot Dot – “Pressure”

Wow.  I was not a fan of Dot Dot Dot throughout the beginning of the season, but they knocked tonight’s cover out of the park.  The synth keyboards, the arrangement, everything was right on.  I can’t stress enough how impressed I was with them tonight.  It wasn’t special, really, but very solid with a great arrangement.  Even Dicko loved it. 

Sixwire – “She’s Always a Woman”

I’ve called these guys the best band on the show (different than my favorite) and I’ll stick with that sentiment tonight.  They treated this cover like a 70’s ballad, and it worked beautifully.  They sing the best harmonies of any band on the show.  The judges all love it.  They’ll be around for awhile. 

Tres Bien – “Movin’ Out”

I love this song, and I really like this band, but I think they underwhelmed tonight.  The lead singer wasn’t all that good, and the band was kind of sloppy.  It didn’t live up to the original.  The judges are kind of harsh. 

The Clark Brothers – “She’s Got a Way”

Hey, these guys are great musicians.  We know it and they know it.  They played a touching version of a great song tonight.  There’s nothing more to say about it.  Just great.  The judges loved it. 

Light of Doom – “The Stranger”

That was just weird.  A hard rock version of The Stranger…that was actually really good.  These kids can play their instruments and the lead singer has a great hard rock voice.  Probably their best performance yet on the show.  I’m kind of speechless because I wanted to talk bad about them.  I just can’t, though.  The judges give them props.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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