Well, we had to wait two weeks for a new episode of America’s Next Top Model.  Last week, we were given a clip show with hardly any new footage.  Tonight, Enrique Iglesias is back from obscurity and getting ready to shoot a new music video.  The models will compete to land a spot in it.  On the previews, it looks like Heather is rushed to the emergency room.  We’ll find out what happened as it’s time for some live thoughts.  Keep refreshing and post your thoughts throughout the hour!

The girls are complaining that Ebony quit.  Saleisha is glad she quit because it ended up saving Ambreal for another week.  Ambreal is going to have to work overtime this week to prove she still deserves to be in the game.

Bianca is so rude right now, saying that Heather doesn’t do anything and still manages to take good pictures.  She just said she refuses to treat her differently because she has a disability.  Okay, I see her point but if her manner of treating people is always rude, then she might want to rethink her attitude.

The girls are practicing being sexy with Tyra but most of them are failing miserably.  Lisa couldn’t even slide back up the wall which is surprising since she was an exotic dancer.  Tyra told Heather she looked more possessed then sexy.  Tyra is right: Bianca and Chantal do hold back and aren’t giving 100%.

Back at the house, the girls obsess over their weight.  They keep jumping on the scale.  Alright, who put a scale in the model’s house?  That’s a bad idea!

The girls head to compete for a spot in a music video.  They head to hair and makeup.  Enrique stops in to the trailer and the girls can’t help but scream.  They seem excited but I think they were hoping for 50 Cent or Kanye.  One girl will become the lead in the video but they will all appear.  The production team chose Lisa as their main girl.  The director also wants to feature Heather, which really makes Bianca mad.

The girls shoot their individual moments and while Chantal fails to impress, Ambreal makes the most of her wall slide.  Side note: this video is stupid.  While shooting the final scene, Heather curls up in a ball on the floor.  Sarah tries to help her and as the medic takes her out, she goes down to the floor!  She is pale!  She keeps saying she pushed herself too hard but she just didn’t eat.  EAT SOMETHING!  No hospital for Heather, she’s okay now.

Boo, no photo shoot tonight!  The girls will be judged only on their video footage.  The judges come right down on Ambreal, which isn’t surprising since she should have gone home last week.  Sarah is called out for being self conscious and embarrassed.  They tell Jenah she doesn’t look sexy or like a vampire.  They actually said she looked more vampire right in front of them then in the video.  Ouch.

It’s time for Tyra to eliminate another model.  First, she calls Lisa to stay another week and compete.  Then, she calls Heather, Saleisha, and Bianca.  She calls Ambreal, who apparently, has earned her way back into the competition.  Tyra calls Jenah last, which leaves Chantal and Sarah in the bottom two.  She show Chantal’s photo and eliminated Sarah, saying she doesn’t have a place in the modeling world because of her size.  She’s not thin enough or heavy enough.  That stinks.

This Friday, Sarah will talk to BuddyTV about her time on America’s Next Top Model.  Don’t miss out on hearing what she has to say!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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