On tonight’s episode of Survivor: China, the tribe members participated in a schoolyard pick to determine teams for the immunity challenge and one person was left out.  There was talk of disloyalty, jumping from one alliance to another, and blindsiding one player.  An unexpected person won immunity and most people thought they were safe at tonight’s tribal council.

Jean Robert spent most of the episode in the dark about what’s been going on in the game.  He had no idea about the idol and decided he needed to find one of his own.  At one point, he got up in the middle of the night and started grabbing things around camp that might be an idol.  By the time he realized that James had two idols, he was the last to know and still didn’t realize it!

At the reward challenge, host Jeff Probst informed them that two team captains would be chosen at random and they would then do a schoolyard pick to determine teams.  Since there was an odd number of competitors, one person would be left out of the running for the reward.  Jean Robert and Peih-Gee were chosen as captains and one by one, they made their choices.  When it came down to Denise and Courtney, Erik said that they would take Courtney because she would lighter, which would be a factor in the game.  At camp later, Denise still felt hurt over not being picked, saying she was never picked growing up.

For their challenge, one tribe member sat in a boat while the opposing team threw water into it in an attempt to sink it.  Todd, James, Amanda, and Jean Robert dominated, winning two in a row, and won reward.  They traveled to a village that was over one thousand years old and were given food and drinks. 

In between challenges, Todd came up with a plan to blindside James and get him out of the game.  He felt it would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of the strongest physical player, who also happened to be sitting on two immunity idols, when he least expected it.  Todd fills Frosti in, making him promise not tell Peih-Gee. 
The immunity challenge was all about balance and stamina.  Survivors had to balance on a barrel that was rapidly losing water.  As the barrel lost water, it came less steady and difficult to stay upright on.  Jean Robert fell off first followed by Denise, James, Erik, and Peih-Gee.  Amanda was disqualified for touching the structure in front of her.  Todd went in the water next, leaving Frosti and Courtney.  After winning immunity last week, Frosti was unable to pull it off for a second time, and Courtney walked away with immunity.

Leading up to tribal council, there was talk of voting out Jean Robert and James.  Jean Robert knew he was a target more than James, who opted not to bring his idols with him to tribal council.  Jean Robert racked up enough votes and was eliminated.  James, however, received a few votes – enough to make him nervous.

Tomorrow, we’ll be talking to Jean Robert and you can post your questions for him here!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV