Several weeks ago, we reported that Heidi Montag of the reality show, The Hills, had openly declared her support for presidential bet, John McCain.  Last week, she promised to finally register in order to be eligible to actually cast her vote for her presidential choice.

The Hills co-star spoke to MTV about what had kept her from getting her registration completed much sooner.

“I am definitely registering to vote,” Montag told MTV news backstage during her Heidiwood fashion show.  “I’ve just been so busy and crazy filming and working on my album and working on my fashion show that I’ve hardly had any time, but it’s definitely a priority, and I’m doing it this week.”

Montag is certainly busy with a host of things these days, particularly her fashion line, which has been launching at various shops and stores lately.  She had earlier debuted Heidiwood at retail chain Anchor Blue and on Friday, the clothing brand took off at Kitson in Los Angeles.

“I’ve been obsessed with fashion since I can remember. I used to have drawings all over my notebooks,” the Hills star declared.  “So I moved to Italy for a year and I studied fashion there, and then I moved to the Academy of Art University of San Francisco.  I just wanted my line to represent me.  I want it to be fun and flirty for the everyday woman.  You can dress it up, you can dress it down, you can mix and match it, and you feel good wearing it.  And it fits every woman.  It fits different silhouettes, and it’s good for spring, because the fabrics are all lightweight.”

She also revealed that, as previously reported, while she’s not jumping to take part in a potential Hills flick narrated by favorite frienemy and co-star, Lauren Conrad, she does have a clear notion of what would be a perfect movie for her to star in.

“The perfect movie I want to do is like [Jennifer Garner’s character] Sydney Bristow on Alias,” Montag told MTV.  “I want to be, like, an action star. I want a big gun, like Angelina Jolie roles.  I want to be the badass.”

Well, if you ask Lauren Conrad, she just might say Heidi’s film role ambition isn’t that much stranger than reality. 

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV, Gossip Girls
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