The biggest problem with living on the West Coast is that I get shows three hours later than everyone else. The one good thing is that, since everything on TV is centered around EST, I don’t have to worry about preemptions. Today the Pope left the United States, and on the East Coast, the first two-thirds of Big Brother 9 were unaired to cover the Pope. While the episode re-aired at 11:30pm, it means that those of us on the West Coast actually got to see the full episode before the East Coast.

One week away from the Big Brother 9 finale, Ryan has to nominate two people for eviction, though it doesn’t matter, as I’ve explained and will explain again. Therefore, prepare for the last episode entirely devoted to mindless filler.

Mourning Natalie

After Natalie’s eviction, Ryan claims she was the leader of Team Christ, and that now “Team Christ was passed away and will never be resurrected.” Just like the real Christ, right? Way to go, you Biblical scholar. Ryan is also upset at Adam for mouthing to Natalie that he voted for her, going against their plan to evict her without her knowing who turned to keep her vote safe in the jury house. I actually kind of admire their plan, and I admire Adam even more, because there’s nothing Ryan can do now. Adam realizes he’s not playing against the three other people in the house, but rather he’s playing for the votes of the sequestered jury members.

Big Brother is Stupid

After the HoH competition, everyone has questions about the fact that there is another pre-existing relationship still in the house. Sheila and Ryan suspect they might be secretly related, a la Nakomis and Cowboy Mike. In reality, the “relationship” is that two of the hamsters or gerbils or whatever are sisters. Um, no. That is dumb, that question should be null and void, and they should redo the entire HoH competition because the producers of this show are freaking morons.

The Houseguests are Stupid

OK, so I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Ryan being HoH is totally meaningless, other than the fact that he’s safe. He claims, “I’m in the driver’s seat and I can do whatever I want.” No, he can’t, because the one person who isn’t nominated is the only deciding vote. If Adam, Sheila or Sharon win PoV, then they’re safe, the other two are nominated, and the PoV winner casts the deciding vote, ergo making Ryan totally powerless. If Ryan wins PoV, he can choose the nominees and the voter, but it’s still the one person who casts the vote, not him. Therefore, Ryan has just a 25 percent chance of having any relevance. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from pretending like he has all the power, nor does it stop the HGs from campaigning not to be nominated, which is all totally pointless.

Product Placement

The luxury competition is for the chance to see the new Ashton Kutcher movie, with a trip to the red carpet premiere after the show is over. First 21, now What Happens in Vegas, why is this show obsessed with promoting gambling movies? The HGs pair off and must break bottles over each other’s heads to get rings and put them on a board. When all spots are covered, they spin a wheel, and the team covering the correct square wins. So it’s totally random. Ryan and Sharon win, and as losers, Adam and Sheila will be shackled together for 24 hours after the nomination ceremony.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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