Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been renewed for a second season.  This is news that we’ve all been anticipating for some time now.  It’d been reported weeks ago that the Terminator crew had been told to staff up by FOX, and all indications from the FOX executives pointed to a renewal.  However, you can never be too sure with these things, and this seemingly final confirmation should finally put Terminator fans at ease. The source of this Terminator news comes from TV Guide’s venerable Michael Ausiello, whose scooping abilities are incomparable in the TV world – he’s rarely wrong.  So, even though FOX itself has yet to confirm Terminator’s renewal, there’s about a 99.6% chance that it’s true. 

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles wasn’t the ratings hit that FOX had likely hoped for.  FOX hyped the living hell out of the series prior to air, and the first episode pulled in a big audience, but after that the ratings were just OK.  More importantly, though, the show itself was a creative success.  There was no backlash from die-hard Terminator fans; they mostly embraced the series and enjoyed how it deepened the Terminator mythology.  Every episode seemed to improve upon the previous one, and the casting was inspired – especially Thomas Dekker as the teenage John Connor and Summer Glau as the newest “good” terminator.  I can’t wait to see where Josh Friedman (the show runner) and company will take us next season, especially after the chilling end of season one.

Initially, Terminator was supposed to be coupled with 24 on Mondays.  This would have provided FOX with an unparalleled action 1-2 punch.  Unfortunately, the writers’ strike tore that plan to pieces and Terminator was left to fend for itself in a scary strike-addled TV landscape.  It will be telling to see what FOX has planned for Terminator next season.  If they wait to premiere the show until January with 24, the ratings will certainly improve.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV