Here we are, just one week away from the Big Brother 9 finale. Tonight’s episode promises to mean absolutely nothing, as Ryan nominates two houseguests for eviction. It’s meaningless because when you get down to the final four, whoever wins the Power of Veto gets to ultimately decide who is nominated and who goes home. All HoH means is that it’s not going to be you.

Big Brother 9: Week 11 Nominations, Live Thoughts

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Due to the Pope leaving the country, the East Coast’s coverage of Big Brother 9 is being postponed.  As soon as the Pope ceremony is done, CBS will air Big Brother 9, already in progress.  For the full episode, CBS will replay it at 11:30 pm after your local news.

Since I’m guest recapping for Oscar Dahl, I’ll begin with my favorite part of his Sunday coverage: the Rooney Recap!  Those who tuned in early to see Big Brother 9 saw Andy Rooney rant about how air travel takes so long while he implored people to just stay home.  Best complaint: flight attendants have gotten fatter.  Somehow he resisted the urge to question, “What’s the deal with airline peanuts?”

Because I don’t want to go to Hell, I’m going to refrain from recapping the Pope.  Keep checking back, and I’ll get this puppy started just as soon as he’s gone.

The Pope has left the building!  I did not realize the Pope’s plane was called Shepherd One, a la Air Force One.  That’s kind of cool.  Or as President Bush might say, “Awesome plane name.”

42 minutes later, we join Big Brother 9 already in progress.  Apparently, there was a luxury competition, and Ryan and Sharon won a screening of the new Ashton Kutcher movie What Happens in Vegas in the backyard.  They laugh a lot, and it’s a huge commercial for the film.

Also, I gather, Sheila and Adam are shackled together for 24 hours.  This show is determined to get those two to fall in love.

Afterward, Ryan tells Sheila she’s being nominated, which is OK because Ryan thinks Adam will target Sharon.  Seriously, as I said before…NONE OF THIS MATTERS!  Why is everyone strategizing when PoV is all that matters.

Everyone acts really stupid, like this nomination ceremony matters.  I suppose Ryan has to since his only goal is to win over the votes of people who might be on the jury should he make the finals.

This is the time when everyone gets stupid on this show, however.  Remember Dick Donato going insane over being nominated with his daughter last season?  Completely pointless.  Sound and fury are all it is.

Finally, Ryan nominates Sheila and Sharon, as if it matters.  The only way Sheila or Sharon can ensure their safety is if they win PoV, which would’ve also been true had they not been nominated.

Check back later tonight when I recap the full, un-Poped episode.  Tuesday, the final PoV ceremony will commence, along with an eviction.  Then on Wednesday, we’ll see the final HoH competition and the final eviction.  Finally, in one week, this game will be over.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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