The more I think about Lost, and the more I try to understand the mysterious nuggets of wisdom Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have released over the last few weeks, the more I think I’ve finally figured out what will happen on Lost.

We’ve heard a lot about only needing to rewatch season 1 to get caught up, and we’ve all seen the promos for the final season that just feature memorable moments from the past seasons.  But what if those aren’t old images?  What if those scenes are from the final season?

Here’s the theory: After the bomb detonates, the survivors who were present at that time (Jin, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Miles) travel in time back to  September 22, 2004.  Six of them are aboard Oceanic 815 and Miles returns to his off-Island life, but they, and only they, retain their memories of the future.

However, the detonation didn’t destroy the Island, and Oceanic 815 still crashes.  So basically, the survivors with a memory of the events that transpired are forced to relive the series, but they do it their way.  They go right for the Hatch, they seek out Ben and the Others and they speed through the entire series like a kid replaying The Legend of Zelda after already beating it and knowing exactly where all the hidden secrets are.

This would safely explain how all those original cast members are coming back and why Cuse and Lindelof keep talking about going back to season 1.  The show would reboot and show how different choices would lead to different outcomes.

It also explains why we haven’t seen footage or photos from the new season, because the story would be given away if we saw the fresh wreckage of Oceanic 815.

Sure, this theory seems a little to out-there for Lost, but I maintain that fans would be incredibly satisfied by the results.  Just imagine if, back in season 1, Jack and Kate already knew everything about Rousseau, Ben, the Hatch, the Smoke Monster, DHARMA, etc.  Things would’ve happened a lot differently.

The other popular theory is that the bomb worked an Oceanic 815 lands safely in Los Angeles, and while I thought that would happen for a long time, my main problem is that it cuts the Island out.  Aside from possible flashbacks or a parallel timeline, this theory would largely abandon the Island as a set and a character, which is a bit like making Titanic without a boat.

So what’s your theory?  What happened after the bomb detonated and where/when will the characters be for season 6 of Lost?

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John Kubicek

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