Every Lost fan has their own theory about how the series will end, but there are an equal number of ways fans don’t want Lost to end.  For five seasons, the show has enraptured viewers with its complex mysteries and strange characters, and now that the final season is almost here, it’s time to think about the end.

I’d love to have all by burning questions answered, but there are also a number of ways I DO NOT want Lost to end.

The Sopranos Ending
When The Sopranos cut to black, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse promised Lost fans they wouldn’t do the same thing.  I’m holding them to it.  While time has allowed some Sopranos fans to forgive or even appreciate the sudden ending to the HBO series, I still think it’s an abomination.
DO NOT: Cut to black in the middle of an incredibly tense scene between Jack and Locke before resolving it.

The Six Feet Under Ending
On the other end of the finale spectrum is Six Feet Under, a show that concluded by showing the eventual deaths of all the major characters.  It worked for that show, but Lost is too complex, and while I want finite answers, I don’t want everything tied up with a neat little bow.
DO NOT: Show us the eventual fates of every major Lost character in a sappy montage accompanied by Sia’s “Breathe Me.”

The Battlestar Galactica Ending
Lost is completely into time travel, so the show could possibly end with Jack and Kate time traveling back 10,000 years to be stuck alone on the Island, only to die and turn into Adam and Even in the caves.  That would be hella lame and a total rip-off of BSG‘s huge leap forward into present-day Earth.
DO NOT: Jump thousands of years into the future or past.

The St. Elsewhere Ending
Redefining crappy series finales, the medical drama St. Elsewhere ended by revealing that the whole show took place inside the imagination of an autistic boy staring at his snow globe.  Sadly, Lost could very easily copy this basic premise by revealing that all of Lost was simply a graphic novel Walt was reading on an airplane.
DO NOT: Undo the entire series by making it be a dream, hallucination, comic book, or anything else like that.

The Newhart Ending
A very unusual series finale had the star of Newhart waking up in bed, next to his wife from Bob Newhart’s previous show, The Bob Newhart Show.  Thus, the entire series was a dream from the previous show.  On Lost, I could easily imagine an ending where Kate is tied up in the custody of the U.S. Marshall only to have Alias‘ Arvin Sloane enter to interrogate her.  The star of J.J. Abrams’ previous show then asks her about the location of her toy airplane, which is actually a missing Rambaldi artifact.
newhart-finale-pic.jpgDO NOT: Wait, on second thought, as a huge Alias fan, this would be a hilarious and awesome ending.  PLEASE, do this ending!

What is your worst possible Lost ending?

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