Without her husband, we’d expect Kitty to take the spotlight and bring out more of her character to the stage.  Unfortunately, we don’t think we’ll be getting that drama.  Rob Lowe leaving Brothers and Sisters was already big news this month, but things look bleak.  Even Calista Flockhart could step out that door too.

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has confirmation that the 45-year-old actress will be having a “reduced schedule” on the next season of the ABC drama.  The source went on to say that she’s asked for a lighter workload, which supposedly led to her co-star’s departure.

The insider said that Lowe found out about Calista’s request and didn’t like the thought of his on-screen wife’s role being diminished.  He already felt his own character was being under-utilized, making it worse for him.

A spokesperson from the network didn’t really comment on Calista Flockhart threatening to leave the show.  There was only the announcement that she will still remain a series regular, most likely appearing in 13 of 22 episodes next season.

Furthermore, E! Online reports that the cutback in Flockhart’s schedule won’t really make any significant changes to the show.  She just requested working for one day a week starting this fall, instead of her usual two to four.  Apparently, the appeal was rejected by the Brothers and Sisters heads.

That means Kitty will still be around for the drama, even though there isn’t much to her storyline these days.  With her cancer in remission and her husband leaving, shouldn’t she already be given something new?

Despite that, we can still find solace in the fact that Calista Flockhart won’t be leaving the show for now.  But there may be one Walker who’s really going to leave the set.  We don’t know who it is yet, but producers have hinted that they wanted to end the season with something “big.”  We can only guess what that will be.

Source: EW.com, E! Online
(Image Courtesy of ABC)

Maria Gonzalez

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