Yes, tonight’s the season premiere of The Office. And as much as it’s hard to believe that there’s more to this season that Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam’s (Jenna Fischer) wedding, there actually is. For this episode, for instance, gossip is the word for the day. The summer interns are preparing to head out, and the office people starts gossiping about them. Michael (Steve Carell) feels left out, so he searches for the next rumor so he can share something. Interestingly, Andy (Ed Helms) will reportedly “struggling” with heterosexuality.

Wait, what? We reportedly previously that The Office just might have another not-so-straight employee aside from Oscar (Oscar Nuñez). I just didn’t expect that storyline to begin right away.

Of course, this can very well be just one of the gossip items – the others are (1) Kelly (Mindy Kaling) has an eating disorder, which is hardly gossip, and (2) Oscar is the voice of the taco bell dog.

When we left off the folks at Dunder Mifflin, it was the company picnic, and Michael was trying to win back ex-girlfriend Holly (Amy Ryan), who was transferred to Nashua and had a boyfriend. The two reminded us why they’re absolutely right for each other, when they did a presentation. The skit they did unwittingly revealed that the Buffalo branch was closing.

We also found out that Pam is a very, very good volleyball player, and they were off to face the corporate head office (where Charles was playing) in the finals. Unfortunately, Pam had an ankle injury and must get medical attention (while Dwight tried to stall the game). We found out, finally, that Pam was pregnant, which should explain the biggest news this season – the two’s Niagara Falls wedding on the fourth episode.

After the premiere of The Office, another NBC comedy starring Joel McHale is kicking off its season – Community.

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