It may only be February, but the sexiest scene on TV in 2011 has already happened. Last night on The Good Wife, investigators Kalinda (Emmy-winner Archie Panjabi) and Blake (Friday Night Lights star Scott Porter) got very close in a hotel room, but not the way you might think.

The Good Wife proved that creating a sexy scene is about more than just physical intimacy, it’s about setting the mood and creating real sexual tension. When these two got together to interrogate each other about what they’re really up to, the result was a tense game of cat and mouse, only in this version, they were both cats.

After a season of digging into each other’s personal lives and trying to uncover the truth, the two met up to lay all of their cards (and their clothes) on the table. They didn’t have sex, in fact they only kissed once, but the sexual tension was so thick and constant that even the strongest knife couldn’t cut it.

The intimate dance began when Blake asked Kalinda “Are you armed?” After a very detailed pat down, Kalinda turned the tables and gave Blake an inspection that would make a TSA inspector blush. The sexual tension increased as the two stripped down to their underwear to ensure that neither was wearing a wire.

While the two stood in the hotel room, exposed, their discussion was anything but romantic. They talked about all the secrets they’d been keeping from one another and Blake’s real motives for coming to Chicago. It was a conversation where they revealed everything, and Kalinda enticed every last bit of information out of Blake with her female charm and sensual tone.

The deep connection ended with a passionate kiss and a baseball bat to the rib cage, incapacitating Blake and leaving him in severe pain, just like the victim of a female praying mantis. However, it was still Blake who had the last laugh when he revealed that he found Kalinda’s husband, a huge twist that came at the perfect moment.

The end result was the best scene in the short history of The Good Wife and one of the sexiest moments on television. It wasn’t just about ripping each others’ clothes off, it was about the closeness and intimacy of two people exposing themselves and being completely open and honest. It may have ended in violence, but Scott Porter and Archie Panjabi finally put a season’s worth of pent-up sexual tension into action and delivered a scene that won’t soon be forgotten.

(Image and video courtesy of CBS)

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