We already knew Sam did very bad things during the year he was hunting without a soul on Supernatural. But knowing it and seeing it are two completely different things. This week Sam does a lot of bad things in flashbacks, but one is probably the worst thing a Winchester has ever done.

In this week’s episode a mysterious text brings Sam and Dean to a town in Rhode Island where Sam and Samuel investigated a group of missing men one year ago. Now it’s women going missing, and Sam his having a tough time being reminded of all the awful things he did without a soul.

Here are Sam’s very bad deeds.

Sam Beat Up a Cop

When Sam and Samuel were leaving Bristol the first time they were pulled over by a cop, and to get a way, Sam beat him to a bloody pulp.

Sam Slept with a Witness

While investigating one year ago, Sam started a very “loud and athletic” sexual relationship with a witness, who one year later was one of the missing women.

Sam Slept with a Married Woman

Sam remembers making out with an older woman in a bathroom while she asked him to handcuff her. That’s one kinky cougar, and she joins the missing women after meeting Sam again in the present. It’s because the spider demon is targeting Sam by taking all the women he slept with. Wow, so he really got around this town the last time.

Sam Involved Regular People

Going against the code, Sam and Samuel told the local sheriff and his wife all about demon hunting. Involving civilians is never a good idea. In the present he returns to the wife, Brenna, to help find out what happened to her missing husband.

Sam Turned on His Family

While talking to the sheriff and his wife in the past, Sam said that he didn’t have family because they only slow you down. It’s not as bad as murder, but turning your back on the Winchester name is not a good thing.

Sam Used the Sheriff as Bait

Sam and Samuel learned they were tracking an Arachne, aka an evil spider creature. To catch the Spider Lady, Sam lured the sheriff to a park where the abductions took place and let her take him so he could track her. Using an innocent person as bait? That’s something the real Sam would never do, and under normal circumstances, it would be the worst thing he could possibly do. But it got so much worse.

Sam Killed Lots of Innocent People

Sam and Samuel found the Spider Lady’s lair where all her victims were stuck in webs. Sam successfully killed the Arachne by cutting her head off, but he was left with all the victims, who were poisoned. Sam believed they were all doomed, so he did what he thought was right. He killed them all.

Sam shot the victims in the head to put them out of their misery, then burned the bodies. First, I need to give Jared Padalecki major credit because that was brutal and he did a great job. I also give credit to the show for daring to go this dark. Dean may have agreed to torture innocent people when he was in Hell, but we never saw it. Seeing Sam shoot these victims in the head is not something they can easily undo.

Yes, in the present the sheriff returned, saying that the Arachne was breeding, not poisoning, and that by the time Sam shot him, he was already turned, but does that really change anything?  Sam didn’t know that when he did what he did, so soul or no soul, Sam still killed innocent people.

That’s a burden that is going to take some time to understand. Sam has changed forever, and it’s going to take something big to redeem him now. On the bright side, in the present he and Dean manage to kill the Sheriff Spider.

However, after reliving his awful actions, Sam is different. And he’s only scratched the surface, literally because the episode ends with Sam twitching on the ground while he remembers being covered in fire in the cage. So much for that wall Death built.

Next week on Supernatural: It looks like Sam is fine, so I’m not sure what happened. What I do know is that the boys are hunting a killer mannequin, which is only slightly less terrifying than the thought of seeing Kim Cattrall in another Sex and the City movie. If you don’t get that joke, do yourself a favor and go rent the 1987 movie Mannequin.

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