Ding dong, the witch is dead! That’s what’s going through Bones fans’ minds after last night’s huge final scenes where Booth and Hannah finally broke up. However, as much as we’ve all wanted Hannah to go away, it was also a very sad moment as it sent FBI agent Seeley Booth into a pretty deep depression.

But who’s really to blame? Hannah may have rejected Booth’s proposal, but should he have even proposed in the first place? And more importantly, did he know he’d be rejected?

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Consciously, I’ll give Seeley the benefit of the doubt and assume he had no hidden agendas or ulterior motives other than getting drunk with Sweets and making a poor life decision. But Booth’s subconscious, which we know is all about Brennan thanks to his coma dream, was clearly on the side of the fans in wanting to get rid of Hannah.

After turning Booth down, Hannah repeated that she’s not the marrying kind, something she’d told him before. On some level, Booth knew what would happen. He knew that, by proposing, he’d force Hannah to say no and he’d force the two of them to break up. In my opinion, Booth’s brain is a lot smarter than he is.

Last week when dealing the polygamists, Booth said that while it’s possible for a man to love more than one woman, there’s always one he loves a little more than the others. That was clearly a sign from his subconscious trying to rationalize his love for Hannah and Brennan.

To understand what Booth’s future really is, you only need to look at the questions asked by the two women in his life. Hannah wanted to know “What happens now?” because she’s only the present. But Brennan asked him “What happens next?” proving that she is his future. So what does happen next?

Right now I have three theories about where this will lead.

1. Booth and Brennan will finally get together after the proper amount of healing and, in the end, Booth will dive into the river to retrieve the ring and give it to Brennan, because Hannah stole her sunglasses so it’s only fair that Brennan gets her engagement ring. At least he’d better dive in and get it, because that was a big, honking diamond and I don’t think Booth is wealthy enough to be able to throw away giant rings.

2. My second theory also surrounds the lost ring. Last night, after the rejection, Booth was as depressed as he’s ever been, but luckily he only went to the bar. Given the fact that he’s in a bad emotional place and he just threw away a very expensive ring, I’m afraid that his old gambling addiction could very easily come back into play. He’s been recovering for quite some time, but this could cause him to relapse.

3. In the distant future, Bill Paxton plays a treasure hunting exploring the river when he discovers a giant diamond ring. A very old Seeley Booth sees it on TV and goes to tell the story of the love of his life. Wait, that’s Titanic.

Whatever happens, Hannah is out of Booth’s apartment, but he has a deep hole to climb out of before he and Brennan can have a successful relationship. But right now, more than seeing Booth and Bones together, I want to know what’s going to happen to that ring. I don’t care how sad you are, you don’t throw a giant diamond into the river.

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