Could it be politics that’s pushing Rob Lowe out the door of Brothers and Sisters?  Not really, but reports have broken out that the 45-year-old actor will indeed be exiting the ABC drama, and his spokesperson even confirmed the news himself.

Lowe’s decision to leave Brothers and Sisters behind was first reported by Deadline Hollywood.  Apparently, he was feeling underutilized with all the changes in the show – from the storylines to the showrunners.  Negotiations were made, but the network failed to hold on to the actor who asked to be released from his contract.

With that said, we have to accept it.  Rob Lowe will be departing from Brothers and Sisters at the end of this season.  He’s even worked out a graceful exit with ABC’s Steve McPherson, but all we can think about are heart attacks or divorce papers.

It’s undeniably obvious that Lowe’s character, Senator Robert McCallister, hasn’t been put under the spotlight as much this season.  Kitty and her cancer have taken center stage, as though they’re the married couple.  But it would be a waste if her husband just took off after everything they’ve been through.

Perhaps that’s why ABC is considering giving Rob Lowe his own series.  He may be leaving Brothers and Sisters, but McPherson said they don’t want to let him go just yet.

“We would like to keep Rob at ABC; we feel he should be anchoring his own franchise.  We are in talks now,” the network exec said.

If they’re gunning for a Brothers and Sisters spin-off, we don’t think it will work.  Rob Lowe already has four seasons of the show under his belt.  If he feels that he doesn’t want to continue, by all means, give him an entirely different character already.

As for the fate of the ABC drama, we still have the rest of the cast.  They’ll eventually move on, as we expect, but how exactly will Brothers and Sisters fare without Robert?

Source: Deadline Hollywood
(Image Courtesy of ABC)

Maria Gonzalez

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