There has been Facebook confirmation folks. While Mia Michaels certainly alluded to leaving So You Think You Can Dance last night on Twitter, she has made it clear she will be leaving the dance show on her personal Facebook. The All Caps choreographer said, “ITS BEEN AN AMAZING 5 YEARS ON SYTYCD……I THANK THEM FOR ALL THE GREAT MEMORIES AND MOVEMENT I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO CREATE FOR THE WORLD…..TODAY WAS MY OFFICIAL RESIGNATION OF THE U.S SHOW AND LOOK FORWARD TO WHATS AHEAD FOR ME.”

Which in turn, gets an all-caps reaction from me, NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Here is a screen shot of Mia’s Facebook update, courtesy of

iquit.jpgThere is no word what has led to Mia’s seemingly sudden resignation and the show and FOX have yet to release an official statement, which leads me even more to believe this was unexpected.

Not only is it sudden, it’s sad. Without question Mia Michaels’ choreography has been one of the most compelling reasons to watch So You Think You Can Dance. She is a story-teller who uses movement and music instead of words. Having been introduced to dance via So You Think You Can Dance it was Mia Michaels’ pieces that awakened me to the power of dance, who’s choreography first gave me chills and made me weep. I think that’s true for many So You Think You Can Dance fans. Her resignation is a huge loss to the artistry of So You Think You Can Dance.

Thank goodness she shared this with America before leaving:

–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Abbey Simmons

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