The mutants go on their most dangerous mission in this episode of The Gifted, titled “outfoX.” During a flashback of a Strucker family BBQ, the Strucker siblings join hands for the first time since Lauren’s abilities manifested. Even without Andy’s abilities manifesting fully, their joint ability of light that’s just like their ancestors appears. Both look at their hands but pull apart in shock. It’s clear they never even mentioned it, but it’s about to come up now that the mutants decide it’s time to save the prisoners from Trask Industries.

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Reed Opens Up to Kate

In the present day, The Gifted opens with Reed thinking about the past. Despite not speaking to his dad for a long time, he’s mourning the loss, but it’s more than that. He tells Kate the full truth about the Strucker mutant abilities and how Lauren and Andy have the same abilities as his grandfather and great-aunt.

Kate understandably struggles to understand and take in everything. She’s angry that Lauren and Otto Strucker kept so much from them. They could have parented their children differently, knowing that they were mutants. Now it’s time to tell their children the truth about their abilities and the potential danger of their powers.

As for Lauren and Andy, they discuss their ancestors. Andy has found a book about their terrorist ancestors in the library, where they find out that they just disappeared one day while fleeing from the X-Men. Finding out that they have the same abilities as these ancestors is hard for Lauren to take, so when Kate and Reed ask her and Andy to attempt to use their joint abilities, she’s hesitant.

Andy convinces Lauren to give the abilities another go. They join hands, and a light emits. Reed has to pull them apart before something happens, and the siblings admit that they had the power to pull the whole building down and kill everyone inside. While connected, their powers became like one and it felt like they were able to do absolutely anything they wanted. Lauren later admits to Andy that she is scared of how much she loved their joint power.

Esme Pushes to Save the Other Mutants

Meanwhile, Esme encourages the rest of the mutants to push their way through Trask Industries. She tells John, Marcos and the others that her family is in there and she wants to save them. The problem is they don’t have any blueprints or know about the security. Esme pushes the right buttons about Pulse to convince John to figure out some way of getting the information they need.

Sage finds out about a bar that Trask employees tend to visit. Dreamer decides she can get some information. Lorna, who is struggling with nightmares that send her abilities out of control in the night, goes with her. Together, they’re able to flirt with a security guard and then Lorna knocks him out, giving Dreamer a chance to get information from his mind.

The information isn’t all positive. There are a lot of obstacles in the way of getting the imprisoned mutants, but Sage has found that a power station away from the main building is a weakness. The downside is they don’t quite have enough people to attack both sites, unless the Strucker siblings agree to help. Andy and Lauren are more than happy to help, but Reed and Kate make it clear that they want to go too so they can keep an eye on their children.

Esme is happy that everyone is going to the site. She clearly has something up her sleeve, as she taps into Lorna’s mind and memories of Marcos being shot in the pilot episode to make Lorna believe they have the same goal and reasons in mind.

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Jace Gets Ready for Another Attack

Dr. Campbell is recovering from the burns to his face after Otto Strucker used his powers. Jace now believes that the mutants will attack, so he wants to stop them in their tracks. He just needs to figure out where the underground could possibly be. When he finds out about a guard calling out sick, he learns that the guard had access to the power station and is sure that that is where the mutants will attack.

When Sentinel Services gets to the power station, the robots pick up mutants. Kate notices one of the robots on the security cameras and tells Dreamer to pull everyone out. Reed then spots the Sentinel Services armed response teams moving in.

The Sentinel robots find the group of mutants. They’ve been upgraded this time, so Andy can’t destroy the robot and it takes down Clarice. Dream and the Strucker siblings get away, but Dreamer sacrifices herself to get the teens out of the building. Lauren decides they need to use their joint ability to get out of the building.

Andy pulls away. They’re in the basement of the building, and they can’t let everyone die. Sentinel Services surrounds the teenagers. Kate and Reed can just watch as their children are arrested by Jace and his team.

Did you expect Lauren and Andy to be arrested? What do you think Esme really wants? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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