Supernatural has killed off many characters and few have stayed dead. Yet there are few character deaths that have been more controversial (and downright hated) than Charlie’s in season 10. Fans have long clamored for Charlie to be resurrected in some way. In the episode “The Scorpion and the Frog,” Supernatural seemingly introduced a new character that had more than a bit in common with Charlie: Smash, otherwise known as Alice. Alice might not literally be the second coming of Charlie but Supernatural positioned her to fill the role that Charlie left.

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The ‘New’ Charlie

Alice isn’t a completely 1-to-1 recreation of Charlie. There were elements of Alice that were reminiscent of Charlie, particularly her relationship with Dean. It’s been rare but it’s always welcome when Supernatural shows a softer and more nurturing side of Dean’s personality as it’s typically Sam who is the kinder Winchester. 

Yet with Charlie and now Alice, Dean shows the same kind of protective side that he often has on display with Sam. The relationship with Alice in “The Scorpion and the Frog” was half father and daughter and half big brother and little sister but it all worked. Even with the very short amount of time Dean and Alice spent together, the bond felt immediate. In a season where Dean has been relentlessly aggressive and pessimistic, the interactions with Alice were a real breath of fresh air. Supernatural could certainly use more of a kinder Dean and a light cheerful presence that Charlie once provided and Alice could again. 

Alice herself was a cool character. She didn’t get to do a whole lot within “The Scorpion and the Frog” as Supernatural was more concerned with the two major antagonists of the episode, Luther and Bart. In her few moments of screentime though, Alice came off as someone who begs for more exploration. The reason why Alice sold her soul at all should be revealed and as silly as it was, the Winchesters probably could use Alice’s (ridiculous) safe-cracking abilities in the future. 

The Future of Team Free Will

Anytime Supernatural introduces a female character in season 13, especially a compelling one, the notion of them joining the spin-off Wayward Sisters must be considered. It wouldn’t hurt to see Alice meet Jody and join her sisterhood of traveling female hunters, but if Alice does make a future appearance (and she should) it might be best for her to stick on Supernatural

It’s not just that the future of Wayward Sisters remains a hazy proposition but Supernatural could use someone like Alice, far more than the potential spin-off could. No character can have the softening effect on Dean the way Alice can and did in “The Scorpion and the Frog.” In addition, Supernatural could just use a lot more female characters as Mary and (potentially) a resurrected Rowena are the only metaphorical bullets in their arsenal. 

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Furthermore, one of the unspoken but still very interesting developments in season 13 has been seeing Dean and Sam as quasi-parents with Jack. Naturally Supernatural has begun to transition Sam and Dean to more mature and more mentor-like roles which feels only right as the show continues to stretch even further into double digits. Alice can only enhance that perception and she can even serve as a counterpoint to Jack, not only in gender but personality-wise too. 

Supernatural will never be able to fully replace Charlie and the show probably should just bring the character back. However, if Charlie can’t come back, Alice does feel like a way to keep intact what fans liked about the character while still offering a new (and welcome) spin.

But do you agree? Would you like to see more Alice in season 13 and beyond? How did you feel about her in her debut episode? 

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