People have been questioning whose side Eugene is on ever since he joined the Saviors. Is he totally loyal to Negan? Or is he secretly working for Rick? This episode of The Walking Dead, titled “Time for After,” though, shows that Eugene still really is just on Team Eugene.

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Will Jadis Take the Deal?

“Time for After” begins with Rick still trapped in that storage container. Jadis and her people finally let him out, and he offers to make a deal yet again, which seems stupid. She can join Rick and the others, or die. Rather than answer, Jadis just takes pictures of him, which is super creepy. She says she took the pictures for a sculpture “after” but won’t say after what.

Later, Jadis finally takes Rick out and brings out a Walker with melted metal on its head. “Time for after,” she says. Rick fights back, though, and knocks out some Scavengers and takes down the Walker. Jadis tries to shoot him, but he beats her too. He holds her head near the Walker’s mouth. He says he’s leaving and they should just run. Jadis tells her people to lower their weapons and agrees to join Rick. He tells her the Sanctuary’s surrounded by Walkers. He wants her to come with him. They’ll wait for the other communities’ leaders and they’ll all ask the Saviors’ lieutenants to surrender together. Then Rick will kill Negan.

Whose Side is Eugene On?

Eugene is super agitated and starts making a list of what he knows and doesn’t know. Frustrated, he goes to Dwight. He tells Dwight he knows that he’s the traitor. Negan charged Eugene with fixing the mess that Dwight made, so he tells Dwight to stop what he’s doing and he won’t reveal Dwight’s secret.

Instead, Dwight grabs Eugene and tells him that the Saviors, Negan and the Sanctuary are finished. The workers are angry, the Saviors are getting scared and it will all fall. All Eugene has to do is say nothing and let it all play out. Dwight says Eugene has seen what happened, heard the screams and smelled the burning skin in the Sanctuary. Eugene hasn’t done those things yet, but he will. “Once you do those things, you become those things and there’s no coming back, no forgetting it,” Dwight says. Eugene still believes in the Saviors and Negan, though.

Eugene then goes to check on the situation with the Walkers outside the Sanctuary. And it’s getting bad. They have a day, maybe two, before the Walkers get in.

On his way down the hall, Eugene is called in to the infirmary because Gabriel’s getting worse. He has an infection, and it’s affecting his organs. Gabriel asks him if he’s going to help him get Dr. Carson out, but Eugene doesn’t see a way to get him out. Plus, Eugene doesn’t stick his neck out for other people and only looks out for himself. Gabriel says he should have faith, trust himself and do the right thing. He grabs Eugene’s hand, and there’s blood on Eugene’s hand when he pulls away.

Later, one of Negan’s wives goes to see Eugene because they had a deal for him to fix a boom box for wine. He hasn’t fixed the boom box and says they have more important things to think about because they’re trapped in the Sanctuary, but she’s always been trapped in the Sanctuary. She refuses to give him the bottle of wine, but he says he needs it. The woman gives him the wine and says that she and Frankie had asked him for help earlier and he could have changed things for the better, but he only took care of himself and now he feels guilty about it so he can’t sleep without wine.

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Is Rebels’ Mission Worth It?

Morgan has been scoping out the Sanctuary since he left the group. He’s communicating with someone on the radio when he notices Daryl, Tara, Michonne and Rosita’s truck.

Tara, Daryl, Rosita and Michonne try to formulate a risky plan to attack the Sanctuary when Morgan comes out. He offers to help and says there are other snipers who will help. Now is the time to finish this.

Still, Michonne and Rosita think this is too risky and they should listen to Rick and follow the plan, but Tara and Daryl are pissed at Negan and want to take action now. Ultimately, Rosita decides to leave, but Michonne says she has to see this through. Rosita says it feels better to do something than just sit and wait, but sometimes you have to wait anyway. She leaves by herself, but Michonne looks super conflicted.

Daryl, Tara and Michonne make it to the Sanctuary, while Morgan talks to them via radio. Michonne is clearly having regrets, though. She thinks what they’re about to do isn’t right or worth risking themselves. Daryl thinks it is worth it, though. Michonne says she can’t do it and heads out.

Can Eugene Save the Saviors?

Eugene, meanwhile, is called over to talk to Negan. Negan says a lot of people will die if the situation with the Walkers doesn’t get fixed. The Sanctuary is about organizing strength, and Eugene and his brain are strong. He has to fix this.

Eugene goes back to his room and fixes the boom box. He has an idea when he looks at the speaker, so he goes searching around the Sanctuary for something. He gets emotional when he finds the coffin Sasha died in and takes her iPod.

Eugene comes up with a plan to put the iPod on a kite to drive away the Walkers. When he’s about to launch it, though, someone clicks a gun and tells him not to turn around. It’s Dwight! Eugene says that he’s trying to free the Saviors, but Dwight says if he does that, Negan will kill all of Eugene’s old friends. Eugene doesn’t care. But Dwight says they can kill Negan, just Negan, and they’re almost there. Eugene says that if he doesn’t free the Saviors from the Walkers, Negan will definitely kill him and, if he does, Dwight might kill him. So he’ll have to go through with his plan and risk Dwight shooting him. He flies the kite, but Dwight shoots it down. That’s when Tara, Daryl and Morgan attack.

Tara and Morgan start shooting, while Daryl puts a cinder block on the truck’s gas pedal and has it crash into the Sanctuary. Walkers immediately storm into the Sanctuary and attack people, including the innocent workers.

At first, Eugene is pretty freaked-out, but then he gets furious. He storms over to Gabriel and says he will obey Negan; he’ll make sure Dr. Carson stays in the Sanctuary, he’ll survive and he won’t feel bad about it.

Eugene then goes to Negan with a plan to get the Saviors out. Negan asks if Eugene realizes what he’ll do to Rick once they’re out, and Eugene does. Eugene also says he has something else to tell Negan, but then the rest of the inner circle comes in. Negan asks Eugene what his news is, but instead of ratting Dwight out, he says he fixed the intercom system. Eugene goes back to his room and absolutely loses it and starts drinking. He gets a little sick, though. Is the wine poisoned?

Rick’s Plan Falls Apart

Rick, Jadis and some of the Scavengers eventually go to the Sanctuary, but it’s not surrounded by Walkers anymore like Rick thought. Rick grabs a radio and calls to his snipers, but nobody answers. Clearly, Rick’s plan has fallen apart. And he’s in trouble.

Did Eugene really get the Saviors out? Will Gabriel survive? Why didn’t Eugene rat out Dwight? And can Rick really trust Jadis? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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