If you ask Agents of SHIELD‘s Clark Gregg (or his character, Phil Coulson), he’s all for Daisy being the SHIELD director. Chloe Bennet, however, doesn’t quite agree. The series stars also discussed being in space and more when BuddyTV found out what’s coming up in season 5.

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Gregg doesn’t think Coulson “knows too much” about what’s going on in space when we saw him at the end of the season 4 finale. “I know he knows a few things by that point…but that scene might not be the very first moment that you find us in.”

Bennet said that the characters are all very resilient and what’s so great about Marvel in general is that even in the most intense moments of tension and fighting, there’s a bit of humor. “As dark as it gets, there’s always that lightness,” something to bring them back. For example, while there are moments of “are you kidding me?” in space, Gregg said that there are also moments of the team looking at each other going, “oh, well, it’s a weird job, but it’s our job. This is what we do.”

When talking about the possibility of Daisy as SHIELD Director, Bennet brought up a line from her first audition that she thinks has stayed true to every aspect of her character: “With great power comes a lot of weird crap that you are not prepared to deal with.”

However, Gregg is all for it: “One of the things that I care most about that’s been explored on our show is the concept that some people evolve differently. They are Inhumans on our show, and they can take any form, they can take any gender, they can take any orientation, ethnicity, and they’re different, and there’s a lot of people in the world who don’t want those different people and they want to eradicate them.”

“And that hits Coulson on a deep level as being wrong and antithetical to what it means to being human,” he continued. “That to have someone who’s probably the closest person in the world to him be an inhuman, I think is a deep reason why he’s interested in the idea of having Daisy, who’s more than up to the challenge, have an inhuman with so much deep humanity to her be the one who’s leading SHIELD.”

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