When season 2 of The Following ended, there seemed to be hope for something to happen between Mike and Max, but unfortunately, Shawn Ashmore revealed at New York Comic-Con that his character decides something that changes that.

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Watch the interview with Ashmore:

Here are a few highlights:

  • Mike’s season-long arc asks if he “can pull back from the truly awful things that have happened to him and his family.”
  • When season 3 begins, “Mike is fully hunting down Mark Gray.” “He wants to kill him. It’s not even a secret,” Ashmore said. “He is…out for blood.”
  • Does it have to end in Mark’s death, or would Mike be able to move on if he is captured?
  • Mike has become Ryan. “I think it’s understandable. I think there’s always that risk that when you put yourself in these circumstances, you’d have to be a saint not to follow that path, and Mike certainly is not that,” he explained. “He’s a real man that struggles with the decisions he’s made and also the tragedy that has happened to him.”
  • Season 3 picks up a year later, and Mike has been leading a task force in Europe and South America hunting down the Gray fortune as a way to try to find Mark.
  • While there was hope for Mike and Max, because of his decision to leave, he left her, and there will be a flashback showing that.
  • When Mike returns, he finds out that Max has a boyfriend, who works in the FBI too. “There’s still definitely feelings for each other, but Mike has to deal and live with the decisions he’s made, and he doesn’t necessarily like it,” Ashmore shared.

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The Following season 3 premieres in 2015.

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