How To Get Away With Murder delivers another dark and twisty ride through the legal system. The newest case is a death row appeals case, giving Annalise Keating and her team of students only 72 hours to prove this man’s innocence. Little do they know that this case will hit close to home for one them. Meanwhile Annalise fights hard to keep her personal life together and get Wes back on board. And we can’t forget the shocking details that are revealed surrounding the death of Sam Keating.

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The Case Against David Allen

Back when Annalise was a law student, David Allen was convicted of the first degree murder of his girlfriend and sentenced to death. The court finally granted her petition to present new facts 2 weeks before his scheduled execution. The Keating 5 has 72 hours to get David off or he dies. Oh, I forgot to mention that Asher’s father is the presiding judge.

Wes and Laurel are sent to talk to David’s old attorney. He’s quick to let the college students know that there was no winning the case, especially since an eyewitness saw David leave the apartment with the gun in his hand and he stayed high on heroin. Asher and Bonnie pay a visit to the key eyewitness who says though she’s tried to push that event out of her mind, she was sure she saw David leave the apartment with the gun in his hand.

Michaela and Connor go see the prosecutor was suddenly taken off the case. At first he says that he wanted to take a break but when Michaela find out he was taking depositions a few days after he left the case, he reveals some crucial info. He said he met with Judge Millstone and told him he had heard there was perjured testimony involved in the case. However the Judge did nothing and the ADA took him off the case.  Though Asher isn’t happy about it, the focus is now on his dead. Annalise directs her team to look for any type of judicial misconduct that could help get David’s sentence reversed.

Asher goes to see his Dad, stopping first in his empty office to take a look in his journals. He finds that among the meticulous case notes of his father’s long career, the only day that was unaccounted for was the day his father met with prosecuting attorney. He also knows that after the Allen conviction, his father received a major Federal Judge appointment. Over beer and football, Asher confronts him asking for the truth. Instead of straight up confessing he kicks his son out and with that, the writing is on the wall. Asher goes to Annalise and before spilling what he knows he asks for two things: to leave his father’s name out of all of this and to be guaranteed the trophy. She agrees to both and his intel shifts the focus to Senator Art Truco.

The Senator needed David to go down for the murder and it’s up to Keating’s team to find out why. They learn that he had a real estate company that was trying to buy out property in a lower income neighborhood. David’s girlfriend was leading the charge to keep that from happening and the key eyewitness just happened to live in an apartment building owned by his real estate company.

It’s their day in Appeal’s court and Annalise examines the key witness. She reveals that she was 3 months behind her rent and faced with eviction. After her testimony, the whole thing suddenly goes away. With the possibility of a witness being bought, Annalise gets Senator Art Truco on the stand. She nails into him, accusing him out right of murdering David’s girlfriend to line his pockets. She puts all of the emotion and frustration of the past few weeks into her cross, almost getting herself thrown in jail for contempt. However, she met her burdern of proof and after 21 years David Allen was a free man.

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Wes Gives Annalise an Ultimatum

When Annalise gets the case, Wes is MIA. His trophy is sitting at his empty desk while he’s at home writing down everything he knows about Lila’s murder. Sam is freaking out that he went to the police and Annalise has to reel him in.  So she goes to see Wes the night after class and he’s prepared with a serious ultimatum. He will tell the police everything he knows if she doesn’t find Rebecca. She has a hearing in a week and if she doesn’t show up, it would get her into even deeper trouble.  Annalise agrees and while Wes rejoins her team to work on the Allen case, she sends Frank to go find the missing girl.

Frank finds her all right and does something else for Annalise. He gets rid of any evidence on Lila’s phone that may trace it back to the Keatings and plants it in Griffin’s car. The police gets an anonymous tip and takes the suspicion off of Rebecca and onto the Lila’s football star boyfriend. As Wes and Annalise watch the news report, the police think there was incriminating evidence on the phone that suggests that Lila was cheating on her boyfriend, giving him a motive to kill her. She fulfilled her end of the bargain but did she win back Wes’ trust?

Rebecca isn’t so sure but Wes convinces her to come home and let Annalise defend her. Meanwhile back at the Keating home she breaks down and tells Sam that she loves him, despite of all the mess he’s done to her. That’s what drove her to do what she did.

Unfortunately this didn’t go as smoothly as Annalise hoped. Her detective boy toy Nate has eyes and he has photo evidence of Frank doing their dirty work.

New Info Surrounding Sam’s Murder

During the night of the bonfire, Asher is the odd man out having no clue what’s going on inside the Keating home when he goes there looking for Michaela and his trophy. Needless to say he doesn’t get it back but he does get in the sack with none other than Bonnie (how did that happen??). While they lay with each other in bed, Bonnie gets a call from a frantic Annalise. She’s come home to find blood on her floor and looking for Sam.  It’s starting to look like she didn’t kill her husband.

How to Get Away With Murder airs every Thursday at 10pm on ABC.

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