On tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here,” Caroline tries to teach Ivy the ins and outs of being a vampire. Elena goes on a date with Liam. Alaric and Jo grow closer. Bonnie and Damon prepare to head home, minus Kai.

Stefan may have initially been glad to be rid of Enzo, but when he receives a call from Tripp and finds out he’s torturing Enzo for information, he has reason to be concerned. It looks like the dark, sexy Brit vamp sent Tripp and his hunters down to Savannah to get them off the trail of the MF crew and as further payback to Stefan. He’s got his hands full, now that his ultra boring girlfriend is a vamp. She’s much more interesting now. She’s a bit unhinged and bitter at her current predicament.

Stefan Asks Caroline for Help

After blowing off Caroline, Stefan has the balls to show up at Whitmore and ask Caroline to conduct a class in Being a Vampire 101. He accompanies Tripp on a rampage; the last thing they need is a rogue vamp calling attention to themselves. He says all he needs is a couple of hours and he’ll be out of her hair. We know she’s got the hots for him, so this leads to a weird moment between the two. Finally, a bit of chemistry. 

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A New Love Interest

Alaric questions if Elena has changed her mind about him breaking the compulsion regarding her memories of Damon. She seems content to move forward with life, free from the memories of being in love with a serial killer. Easy enough when he’s not around but what happens when he returns?

Elena is definitely moving on with Liam. His unexpected kiss left a lasting impression. It’s homecoming at Whitmore, and she’s planning to hit a corn maze. Why do I have visions of a Shining type situation arising? They get their flirt on, and it looks like Elena has a date. Not anywhere in Damon’s league, but cute and normal, for now.

The Return

Plans are moving full steam ahead in 1994 for Damon, Bonnie and Kai to return to the present. There’s lots of detailed talk about how portal jumping through an eclipse works. Kai’s keeping some of the details to himself, so whether a screw job is forthcoming or not remains to be seen. Damon is determined not to let the sociopath get in his way of their common goal, but Bonnie is dubious. As she should be.

Girl Talk

Caroline is stuck with Ivy who has picked up on the fact that Caroline has feelings for Stefan. Caroline will only admit that things are complicated. She changes the subject by encouraging Ivy to practice her new found vamping skills. She’s learned about snatch, eat, erase and compulsion and staying out of the sun. Ivy is good to go. Quite a turnaround from her tantrum in Savannah.

Ivy wants to go party, but Caroline is determined to turn Ivy back over to Stefan ASAP. Ivy isn’t about to be stuck in a dorm room, so she snaps Caroline’s neck. A newbie vamp on the loose during Whitmore’s homecoming.

Caroline leaves multiple messages for Stefan who is AWOL as well. He’s catching up with Alaric. He wants Ric to compel Ivy to move off somewhere and start fresh. Alaric doesn’t feel much like helping Stefan after his decision to abandon trying to get Damon back.

All About the Bennetts

Bonnie finally calls Kai’s bluff about taking her magic when he refuses to divulge the spell. She realizes he doesn’t know the spell which makes him useless and puts a pick axe through his chest. She’s been spending a little too much one on one time with Damon. Even he’s a bit shocked and shaken by this unexpected brutality.


In addition to jump starting her own love life, Elena’s trying to get Ric back out there. She invites Jo and Alaric to the evening’s festivities in the hopes of making a love connection. Jo admits she’s not big on the supernatural which doesn’t bode well for their relationship. They decide to take off in favor of more adult pursuits.

The Curse, Part Deux

Tyler, who hasn’t been paying to all those PSAs about texting and driving swerves to hit one of Ivy’s failed snatch, eat and erase victims. He loses control of his truck and goes plowing through the maze. Alaric scores chivalry points by saving Jo.

While Tyler is frantic about saving the life of the guy he swerved to miss, he’s done some serious damage to a lot of people, one of which Elena saves with some of her blood. If any of them die, does Tyler go all wolfie again?


Caroline is wandering around trying to locate Ivy when Stefan finally decides to make an appearance. Stefan was going to ditch and dash, leaving Caroline with Ivy. Caroline is incredulous, but Stefan is just pissed. He just wants a do over but can’t catch a break. Stefan is managing to burn bridges left and right.

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No Bennett Left Behind

Bonnie believes that the Gemini coven used a Bennett witch spell to create their current location. That’s why Grams sent her there. She believes that she has the power of a celestial event an the Ascendant and that might be enough. Bonnie figures out that Kai wouldn’t kill her because he needed a Bennett witch for the spell.

Bonnie and Damon are about to catch the next eclipse out of 1994 when Kai takes down Bonnie with a crossbow. Of course, this guy doesn’t die. It couldn’t be that easy. He admits he’s tried to kill himself multiple times. A struggle ensues. Bonnie sees the opportunity for yet another selfless act. She manages to get Damon out despite his protests.

The Sacrifice

Jo is administering first aid to all of the victims and has recruited Alaric to help. He’s still struggling being around blood, so this is proving a tad difficult for him.

Elena puts Tyler on the phone with Jo, so she can try to help him save the guy’s life. Liv has shown up and is with Tyler as well. After a quick assessment, Jo tells them there’s nothing that can be done. To save Tyler’s ass. Liv suffocates the man herself, thereby letting Tyler off the hook. Now, that girl is a keeper.

Romance and Brotherly Love

In the aftermath of their disastrous date, Jo admits she’s got the hots for Ric. He tries to compel her feeling away, but it doesn’t work. Interesting development. Vervain? Or, does she have secrets of her own?

Tripp gets to Ivy before Caroline which is bad news. Liam realizes Elena may be more special than he realized, and while Damon is finally back, Bonnie’s future appears bleak. And, if you didn’t cry at the Salvatore brothers reunion, you are made of stone.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8pm on the CW.

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