Love is the greatest superpower of all… With that trope in place, The Flash allows for all sorts of mistakes to be made by its characters. Which of them screws up the most in “Fury Rogue”?


Barry Allen is not dealing so well with Ralph’s death at this point. Unfortunately, the Flash spends most of the episode refusing to process his guilt, freezing both when facing DeVoe and Siren-X. This does technically save the day initially (since DeVoe cannot process the concept of love), but it causes way more problems overall.

Helpfully, Citizen Cold arrives from Earth-X just in time to explain how guilt and atonement work. Without Snart, Barry would not have succeeded at all in “Fury Rogue.”

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Citizen Cold

Leo Snart is inherently awesome and not prone to mistakes. He does, however, come rather close to death while hunting Siren-X. Hasn’t anyone ever told Citizen Cold that monologues are dangerous in heroic situations?


Thanks to Harry’s flawed experiments with a dark matter-infused thinking cap, the scientist is getting stupider by the minute. There are plenty of small fumbles as a result. The biggest of these would be refusing to tell Cisco what is going on. Plenty of time is wasted until Harry finally decides to let his best collaborator in on the situation.

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Nazi Laurel Lance is rather successful in most of her evil efforts in “Fury Rogue,” but she is eventually defeated — never turn your back on the Flash! That is one screw-up. Another might be Siren-X’s use of the nuclear meta to wreak havoc in the police station. It’s bad for the cops, sure, but doesn’t this also mean Laurel gets exposed to high levels of radiation?


The Flash has been hinting for a while now that DeVoe’s downfall might come from his deficiencies in the emotional department. In this episode, that is clearer than ever with the Thinker repeatedly blowing off the advances of his loving wife. Does a man that smart really think that reducing his soulmate to a “technician” will end well?

Not only does DeVoe miscalculate the emotions of his wife, but he also fails to take into account how Barry is feeling about the loss of Ralph. Grief is a part of love, and love will conquer all (eventually), no matter what DeVoe thinks.

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