The 100 season 5 premiere, titled “Eden,” opens straight after the death wave that threatened to kill everyone in the season 4 finale. Claire emerges from Becca’s lab and heads straight to Polis. In this Clarke-heavy episode, what will she think of what the world has become, can she survive and how will she find Madi?

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Ghosts from the Past

After getting out of the bunker on The 100, Clarke finds where her truck was left, under a pile of sand. Fortunately, the truck still works, allowing her to drive to Polis to see the destruction the death wave had caused. Polis’ tower had crumbled, and the bunker is now under rubble.

After failing to find the door to the bunker, Clarke heads for Arkadia to find food and water. All she finds are ghosts of the past, through Maya’s iPod, Jasper’s goggles and Jasper’s suicide note to Monty. Tears fall, as she admits over the radio (using it to message Bellamy to keep her sanity) that it’s the first time she’s truly felt alone.

Fearing that she’ll die without water, she heads out in search for some. Just as it looks like there’s nothing, the rain falls and she’s able to collect water for a couple of days. It’s time to continue her journey in search of food and a sustainable source of water. Along the way, she finds bugs to eat, but it’s not enough. Unfortunately, a sand storm stops her drive and damages the truck, so she’s left to make the rest of the way on foot.

Clarke’s Test of Faith

Clarke’s courage, strength and faith are all tested throughout the episode. At one point, Clarke considers ending her life. She’s in the middle of a desolate wasteland without water. A crow flies overhead, and she follows it to find its home. All she finds is more wasteland. Just as she’s about to kill herself, the crow flies overhead again and this time leads her to a large patch of greenery.

The death wave left this patch untouched, though the radiation didn’t. When Clarke gets to one of the small tribal villages, she finds a room full of dead people. While burning their bodies, she sees a young girl (Madi) watching her. Madi leads Clarke to a trap, catching Clarke’s leg in a bear trap, and goes in for the kill. Madi realizes that Clarke is a Nightblood and runs off.

It’s a game of cat and mouse for a while, until Clarke decides a new tactic. Realizing that she’s being watched, Clarke starts drawing a picture of Madi and leaves it behind. The rest of the story is easy to guess, as we get a jump to six years later with the two together as a family, and they’ve got the truck working again somehow.

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What’s Happening on the New Ark?

Now caught up with the final minutes of The 100 season 4, it’s time to see the seven on the new Ark in space. Six of them all sit down for dinner when the topic of getting back to Earth comes up. Raven has clearly tried to get them all back down due to a lack of fuel but hasn’t figured it out yet, and she’s angry that Bellamy brought it up.

Bellamy decides to take food to Murphy, who has cut himself off from the group. Murphy says he doesn’t like the rules, but something bad has happened between him and Emori, and Bellamy claims that it’s because Murphy liked being a hero and now there’s nothing to be a hero of.

All seven are pulled back together at the communication center on the Ark when they spot another ship in the distance. When the other ship releases a drop ship, Raven quickly tries to make contact, but there’s no signal due to the radiation.

Some of the seven suggest that they head over to the ship in hope that there’s fuel. Monty brings up objections, but it turns out that he’s scared of becoming the bad guy he feels he was six years ago. Echo worries about what will happen to the group when they get down to Earth, including how Octavia will react, but Bellamy encourages her to ignore the worries.

Who’s on the Prisoner Transport Ship?

On Earth, Clarke takes precautions against the threats from the prisoner transport ship. She hides Madi before watching them through her sniper sight, giving her the chance to draw all the weapons the prisoners have.

Meanwhile, we roughly learn who the people are. There’s at least one mass murderer, suggesting that they are all definitely prisoners, and one mentions that something has happened to the planet while they’ve been asleep. Clarke and Madi are forced to kill two of the prisoners, making it clear to the prisoners that they’re not alone.

The 100 ends with a flash to the bunker. Plenty of people are still definitely alive, with what looks to be Gladiator-style fights with Octavia acting as the leader of Onekru.

What did you think of the Clarke-heavy premiere? Did you expect the group on the new Ark to be split the way they were? What would you like to have seen more of and what do you think of the prisoners? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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