This episode of The Flash sees the team trying to safely transport very dangerous bus meta Fallout without DeVoe getting his hands on him. And while that’s hard enough, another enemy gets in the way: Siren-X, who follows Leo over from their Earth and is seeking revenge for what they all did to the Nazis during the crossover. Needless to say, it’s the worst time for Barry to refuse to deal with his grief, especially when it begins affecting him in the field.

Also in “Fury Rogue,” Harry tries to hide the effects that the combination of his intelligence booster and dark matter has had on him. But when Cisco decides that he wants to have his own thinking cap to help them out-think DeVoe, he has to come clean.

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Elsewhere, Caitlin’s also dealing with a loss, but is Killer Frost gone? She runs some tests on herself and determines that her frosty alter ego is still part of her. She just needs to figure out how to get her to appear.

Barry is the Opposite of Fine

Barry fools himself into thinking he’s fine after Ralph’s death, claiming that he’s dealt with a lot of death in his life. But Dr. Finkel warns him that grief is a complex emotion and there’s no such thing as “practice makes perfect” with it.

When the team is alerted of three different pocket dimensions opening, they realize that they’re near Tracy’s lab, and DeVoe is trying to go after Fallout. They need to cool him down and get him somewhere safe because he explodes, all without DeVoe seeing them coming. So Barry and Cisco retrieve Citizen Cold (and his cold gun) from Earth-X, helping him escape from Siren-X. What they don’t know is that this version of Laurel Lance can use her sonic powers to listen to conversations from a distance (which may be the coolest use of sonic waves yet) and follows them to their Earth.

Though Barry continues to try to be okay after losing Ralph, Leo doesn’t buy it. He’s dealt with loss as well. To lead, he’s had to be clear-headed, so he’s grieved each person he’s lost. Barry’s head needs to be on straight, considering they’re moving a metahuman nuclear bomb. If he doesn’t confront his feelings, they’ll confront him, Leo warns him.

And that’s just what happens while the team tries to safely move Fallout (in a hazmat suit made to contain him) to an ARGUS facility. Caitlin gives each of them a cocktail to protect them from his radiation, but it’s only good for a few hours. Barry runs ahead to scout the route, while Iris monitors pocket dimension activity back in STAR Labs, Caitlin and Leo ride in the truck with Fallout, and Joe drives.

However, DeVoe, despite the team not bringing the meta to where he predicted, finds them and uses the meta powers he’s absorbed to stop the truck. Barry tries to use the Sonic Scepter on him, but the sound waves are too weak for his new body. And when DeVoe uses Ralph’s voice, Barry remembers his friend dying and freezes.

That’s when Siren-X, who overheard their plan, interrupts, blasting all three back and taking Joe, Caitlin and Fallout hostage.

It’s Time to Cool Things Down

Back at STAR Labs, Leo fills the others in on Siren-X. She’s an elite assassin gone mad, the only one left of the Nazi regime, and she carried an unrequited torch for Dark Arrow, so she isn’t happy with those responsible for his death. She’ll gladly use the nuke that is Fallout and the gun she took from Leo on them.

Barry still tries to pretend that he’s fine, but Leo warns him that there’s no outrunning grief. There has to be something different about this loss that he doesn’t want to grieve Ralph.

That’s something he better figure out fast because Siren-X brings Fallout to CCPD (perhaps trying to destroy this Earth’s protections like they did to hers, Harry suggests) and forces him to remove the helmet containing him. As soon as he does, the officers in the vicinity collapse, and Caitlin warns Joe that they don’t have much time left before they’re affected.

Barry, Joe, Caitlin and Leo ty to stop Siren-X and contain Fallout’s radiation, using the two cold guns they have. But, again, Barry freezes once he’s down. As he remembers teaching Ralph, and Ralph’s death, Leo tells him that he has to deal with the pain, that it wasn’t his fault. Barry manages to pull it together to stop Siren-X, while Caitlin and Leo cool Fallout down with the cold guns.

Afterwards, Joe finds Barry in his old lab, and Barry blames himself for failing Ralph. He’s the reason he’s dead. He echoes that when he and Iris return to therapy and adds that he never got a chance to tell him how proud he was to be his friend and that Ralph taught him more than Barry could’ve taught him.

But there is some good news: Leo’s going to make it home in time for his wedding. Yes, Leo and Ray are getting married. And, fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the last time we see Leo (let’s face it, he’s better than any therapist) because Cisco gives him one of his interdimensional extrapolators. Next time, let’s have Leo bring Ray with him.

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About That Promise Harry Made to Cisco…

As Gideon informs Harry at the beginning of the episode, the excessive infusion of dark matter into his neural system has resulted in the decline of his ability to innovate information. In other words, he’s losing his intelligence. Soon, he’ll have to relearn everything he knows.

Cisco decides that the best way to fight DeVoe is to have a thinking cap of his own so they can combine and build upon each other’s ideas. Rather than tell Cisco the truth (again), Harry sabotages the second cap, overloading it when Cisco tries it on and telling him that he can’t get the part they need on this Earth.

When Cisco presents him with the part they need (from one of the cubes Gypsy sent him), Harry breaks the cap and tells him the truth. He felt stupid, Harry admits, because his job is to be smarter than the villains who want to hurt the team, and without his intelligence he feels like he has no value to them.

Harry then decides to go visit his daughter while he’s still of sound mind, not seeing how he can help the team in his state. Cisco argues that his intelligence isn’t the only part of him that has value, pointing out that Jesse probably thought it was more important to have a father there for her than one who taught her math.

They’re going to figure out a way to fix him and jump-start his brain, Cisco promises, but that means telling the others. Not today, Harry says.

There’s No Time for Something as Trivial as Emotions

Marlize may be happy to have her husband back (in his original form, that is), but he’d much rather focus on their plan than on her (even when she puts on his favorite dress). Her role is to be his technician, he tells her.

When things don’t go his way — Barry was supposed to defeat Siren-X, but he froze — Marlize is the one to explain that for all his calculations, he can’t account for how someone is feeling.

But as he watches Fallout in his containment in an ARGUS facility at the end of the episode, DeVoe says that everything still turned out in their favor, considering it proof that emotions can only hold them back. It doesn’t look like Marlize agrees.

Are you hoping Siren-X is the last villain we see from Earth-X? Are you worried that DeVoe will get his hands on Fallout? Do you think more than ever that Marlize will turn on DeVoe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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