With Barry and Iris’ wedding approaching, this episode of The Flash sees them celebrating their bachelor and bachelorette parties, each with some scrapes and excitement.

Caitlin’s Killer Frost past returns just at the perfect moment to interrupt a low-key dinner in “Girls Night Out” but is also a great catalyst for her and Iris to work through some stuff. Meanwhile, Ralph crashes Cisco’s plans for Barry to have a nice night at home and some steak with his friends, and takes the guys to a strip club.

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Girls Night Out Fighting

Arrow‘s Felicity easily walks into S.T.A.R. Labs, thanks to their zero security (and with divorce statistics) when she arrives in Central City for Iris’ bachelorette party, which Caitlin tries to get out of (while secretly buying a plane ticket), but the ladies convince her to join them.
Felicity just manages to toast to the future Mrs. West-Allen with, “Although your life with Barry may be fast-paced, I hope you guys take the time to enjoy the special moments,” before Norvok walks over and tells Caitlin that Amunet wants her. And then he drops his eye in one of the champagne glasses, and a snake-like creature comes out of the socket ready to attack. Felicity and Iris try to stop him, but it’s Killer Frost who emerges and cold-blasts him.

Before changing out of Caitlin’s clothes (she hates pink), Killer Frost reveals Caitlin’s plan to leave town and informs the women of her own plan: to kill Norvok’s boss. She heads off on her own, but the others follow her, thanks to Felicity tracking her cold signature by satellite.

At Amunet’s club, Killer Frost tries to remind her former boss that she’s done, but Amunet refuses to let her favorite go just like that and tries to get her to be her protection by offering her a cut of her new business: selling the tears of a meta (yes, one of the new ones), the Weeper, as a drug and hooking Central City and getting rich. Killer Frost refuses, and the two women are threatening to use their powers when Iris, who spotted Norvok and followed him, interrupts. Amunet lets Killer Frost leave with her.

Killer Frost reveals that six months ago, Caitlin thought she had everything under control, but then her meta side started getting stronger and she turned to Amunet, the leader of an underground market, for technology to stay in control. It, of course, came with a price tag: working as Amunet’s muscle. Since she doesn’t think they have any hopes of stopping Amunet, Killer Frost plans to start over on another Earth.

Iris tries to talk to Killer Frost, pointing out that part of her is good and decent since she didn’t kill when she could have. “You are just as afraid of being Caitlin as Caitlin is of being Killer Frost,” Iris tells her, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep Frost from leaving.

Or at least trying to leave. Amunet’s not willing to let her go, and her power, controlling metal and turning it into a gauntlet, throwing it at Killer Frost and forming a shield to stop Frost’s cold blasts, wins out, though Frost turns back into Caitlin. She escapes when two cops distract Amunet.

Iris finds Caitlin back at S.T.A.R. Labs trying to stitch up herself and insists on helping, during which Caitlin explains that she doesn’t remember much when her frosty side is in control. She came back when Cisco said he was going to get Barry back because she thought she could make up for the pain she caused, but Killer Frost is getting stronger. She didn’t know who she could talk to because, as she points out, it’s not like she and Iris have become anything more than “work friends” over the years.

After Felicity tracks Amunet by her metal, Caitlin tells the others she can’t go with them because she could lose control. However, just as Iris and Felicity get caught when they’re trying to interrupt Amunet selling the Weeper, Caitlin shows up and offers to work for Amunet again if she lets her friends go. But Amunet doesn’t leave anyone alive, so it’s up to Killer Frost to save them, which she does, using an ice dome to protect herself, Iris and Felicity from Amunet’s metal. Fortunately, there’s a magnet right above them, and Cecile, working in the van outside, activates it to take Amunet’s metal from her.

But when Killer Frost approaches Amunet to kill her, Iris stops her. She doesn’t have to be Caitlin or Killer Frost. She decides who she is. Frost sends Amunet on her way, but her former boss warns her that she’ll be back to ruin something for her.

The night may not have gone as Iris had hoped, but she does think that they need to hang out more often, and Caitlin agrees. Iris then asks her to be her maid of honor, pointing out that weddings are about new beginnings. Caitlin accepts.

As for the Weeper, who ran as soon as Iris freed him from Amunet’s chains, The Thinker catches up to him.

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Guys Night Out in Jail

Meanwhile, the guys plan to have a low-key night as well, with home videos of Barry and Iris as a kid and then a nice steak dinner. But Ralph crashes and takes them to a strip club, where they have to hand over their phones, so Barry ends up with 17 missed calls from his fiancee.

Thanks to a special concoction from Cisco, Barry should be buzzed, but the speedster instead ends up completely drunk. He goes around shouting that he’s the Flash. He gets sad over how much he loves chicken wings. He cries over Rose not making room for Jack on the door.

When a stripper confronts Ralph about stealing money from her, a fight breaks out. Barry, Cisco, Joe and Ralph end up in a jail cell. Harry gets them out.

Family Can Be Scary

While it’s no surprise that Ralph’s on a first name basis with the strippers (as he’s the #1 customer of the club), Joe’s surprised when he recognizes one of the dancers: Joanie, Cecile’s daughter.

She’s writing a book on the female experience, she explains. They live in a society dictated by the male gaze, and she wants to control the narrative of feminism, to show the world that a strong woman can wear anything. While she says she hasn’t told her mother because she’d just jump to the wrong conclusions, Joe points out that there has to be a reason she’s keeping it a secret.

Later, back at the house, Joanie tells Joe that she knows she took it too far. And while she still believes in what she was saying, she’s quitting the strip club. While he won’t tell Cecile since it’s not his secret to tell, Joanie does ask her mother to get breakfast so they can talk the next morning.

Speaking of their kids, Joe admits to Barry while they’re sitting in the jail cell that he’s worried about being a dad again, especially at his age. However, as Barry points out, he was alone when he raised his other kids. This time, he has Cecile and he has his family. And Cecile is just as scared as he is, but she knows that they just have to love the baby as much as they love each other.  

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