The Gifted looks more into John’s background in this episode, titled “got your siX.” With a flashback to John’s time after the July 15 attack, in which he and a street full of people were attacked by mutants, John’s need to keep people safe is clear. His personality has never changed, and it connects to the issue currently at hand. It’s time to take the war to the federal agencies, changing the goal posts in the way the feds have changed it with Baton Rouge.

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John Admits the Truth to Clarice

After deciding they need to get into the secret federal building in Baton Rouge, John turns to Clarice for help. She isn’t interested in being a useful member of the team right now, angry at how her memories have recently been manipulated. It isn’t just, though. She’s angry that John never told her, keeping everything quiet because Clarice was necessary for missions.

One thing Clarice wants to know is whether the look John gave her in the warehouse was real. When she hears that it was a “complication,” she makes it easier by leaving through a portal.

That means John has to find another way to get into the Baton Rouge center. Andy offers his abilities now that he has more control over them. Reed isn’t too certain about the plan and Kate definitely isn’t happy, but they have no choice. Even if the adults kept the children out of the fight, the children would be in trouble if all the adults were taken by Sentinel Services.

Marcos, Reed and Andy are ferried to Baton Rouge, giving Reed and Andy a chance to talk about the bullying that kick-started Andy’s abilities. The conversation is cut off when the truck is pulled over by a cop, who wants to look in the back of the truck. Marcos has to absorb the light to help hide everyone. It works, partially, only because the cop gets another call.

With too many police on the roads, they decide to stop for the night. It gives Reed and Andy a chance to talk about Andy’s powers and what it feels like to use them. Andy’s explanation of how good he feels using his powers concerns Reed. By the time they’re back on the road, Andy is angry at how Reed feels. Marcos uses that chance to get a spot of parenting advice from Reed, which Andy overhears.

The initial plan to get into Baton Rouge doesn’t quite work out, but they’re able to get in through the parking garage. Andy breaks in through the wall, leaving Marcos and Reed to collect the files and hard drives about the mutants. The authorities show up, but the team gets out safely with the information needed.

A Learning Process for Kate

Kate spends this episode of The Gifted learning more about the things mutants have been through while hiding from Sentinel Services. More mutant refugees are coming in, and they all have horrific stories to tell.

As she realizes that the children are still young and need to learn, she chooses to start a school. Her knowledge of how mutants are picked up by Sentinel Services deepens, as she learns about families being picked up by the authorities while picking children up from school, leaving school books and toys behind.

Meanwhile, Lorna starts to train the young mutants, making sure they are ready for the upcoming war. She’s angry when all the teens believe it’s a joke, catching Kate’s attention. Kate isn’t impressed with how the mutant teens are learning to control their abilities and refuses to allow Lauren to be part of it.

Lorna and Kate continue to lock horns throughout the episode, as Kate doesn’t believe the children should be treated like soldiers. Lorna makes a point that mutants could be fighting for the rest of their lives. This has become their new normal.

Lauren Connects to Another Mutant

As all the refugees come in, Lauren tries to make them feel welcome and comfortable. One of those new mutants is a guy named Wes, who has clearly taken an instant liking to Lauren. She initially tries to avoid him, but he manages to impress her with his mirage abilities. When she discusses how she just wanted a normal life and live in Florence, he creates a mirage of what he believes is the city. It turns out that it’s Rome, but it’s done the trick he needed to put a smile on Lauren’s face.

Kate realizes that Lorna is right when Reed, Andy and Marcos are being followed by police. Lauren and Wes are needed to help save their own. As Lorna slows down the bullets fired at the truck, Lauren creates a shield that the truck can drive over to get over the police roadblock. Once over, Wes creates a mirage that looks like the truck has gone two out of three ways. The cops follow the two trucks, while the real truck goes the third way.

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John Blames Himself

While reinforcing the underground HQ, John admits to Dreamer that he feels to blame for Pulse. He also doubts himself in the upcoming war. The X-Men may have said a war was coming, but they never said which side would win.

Dreamer tries to settle his mind by telling him that everything he has done has been for a good cause, but it’s not completely enough. It does lead to the two kissing, before they’re interrupted by Marcos. In the end, the two sit through the research gained from Baton Rouge to figure out just what has happened to their fellow mutants.

Jace Returns to Work

As for Jace, he returns to work despite being on mandatory leave. Calling Dr. Campbell, he manages to get the all-clear to stay, but Dr. Campbell wants something from him in return: the files on the Struckers.

After the information is stolen from Baton Rouge, Jace makes it clear that he is willing to work around the law to get all the mutants. There is no stopping him now.

The Gifted can’t end without a cliffhanger to set up the next episode. While in bed with Lorna, Marcos gets a call from Carmen. She’s collecting the debt after saving Lorna and makes it clear that she’s willing to call Sentinel Services if he refuses.

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