Gregory has always been out for himself on The Walking Dead. He claims to be all about his community, The Hilltop, but he’s proved that he’s really just out to save himself and no one else. He’s a poor manipulator and a coward, but always seems to get what he wants. So, when he begs to be let back into the Hilltop in “Monsters,” Maggie wavers at first, and then decides to let him in, saying he’s not worth killing. However, I think this was a bad decision on her part, seeing as how she’s struggling about what to do with the surrendered Saviors.

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New Leader

Maggie is the new leader of the Hilltop after Gregory sold everyone out to the Saviors. She is trying hard to be fair and remain humane when it comes to life and death decisions, and I know deep down she wants to kill anyone remotely involved in Glenn’s death. So it’s a surprise when Maggie ultimately agrees to get Gregory back into the Hilltop. It’s also strange, seeing as how Maggie commented that Gregory is driving Gabriel’s car, but Gabriel is nowhere to be found. It’s a comment Gregory flat-out lies about, when Walking Dead fans know Gabriel saved Gregory, and then Gregory left Gabriel to eventually be captured by Negan.

I guess in her leadership role, by letting Gregory back in, she’s showing mercy. But that fairness and mercy is questioned yet again when Jesus arrives back to the colony with the Saviors.

Double Standard

Not letting the Saviors in and letting Gregory in are contradictory decisions. And while Maggie didn’t give Jesus an answer yet on the Saviors, she didn’t like the idea at all that the Saviors would be among the Hilltop members, even if locked up or in the available trailers Jesus suggested.

If she leaves the Saviors out or kills them, shouldn’t Gregory be held to the same standard? Yes, the Saviors killed Glenn, but some of them are just followers, maybe even willing to change, as Jesus has suggested. Gregory betrayed his entire community, and neighboring communities, to essentially save himself. He literally left Gabriel to die. He’s disgusted that Maggie is in charge now, and letting him back in will only lead to more trouble.

It’s ironic that Gregory doesn’t want the Saviors in his community either. He should be grateful that Maggie showed him mercy. But instead, within minutes of being let back in, he’s yelling that the Saviors can’t be living among the Hilltop community.

The Novel Plot

While I think it is a terrible idea that Maggie let Gregory back into the Hilltop, I can only assume that the series will stick close to the novel plotline. Once back at the Hilltop, after betraying the community and revealing plans to the Saviors, Gregory gets back into his old habits, bothering members and Maggie. Eventually his jealousy of Maggie’s leadership leads to a huge plot point in the Walking Dead novels. And eventually Maggie does have to make a tough call again about whether Gregory lives or dies.

Not Worth Killing — Yet

Maggie tells Gregory he’s not worth killing yet, which seems to foreshadow his eventual death, presumably at Maggie’s hands. But seeing as how he’s done such horrible, cowardly things, I still don’t think that she made the right choice. I’m guessing she just didn’t want to hear his whining and lies anymore, so she decided to spare him. So I’m curious if she’ll listen to what Jesus has to say about the Saviors and their fate. Will she show mercy to them as she showed mercy to Gregory? And if she does, how will Gregory react? How will the rest of the Hilltop react? What will Rick think? Seeing as how Rick and Daryl are on a killing spree of all Saviors, including their former ally Morales, I can only imagine that Tara is right that Rick will want them dead.

Do you think Maggie is right in her decision to spare Gregory’s life for now? Do you think she should let the Saviors stay at the Hilltop? Do you think any of the Saviors will show any change and relief that their lives have been spared? Let us know in the comments below.

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