Once Upon a Time’s latest episode, “Greenbacks,” offered a little more insight into Ivy’s character. She is under constant verbal abuse from her mother and seems to be willing to betray Victoria Belfry to Henry and Ronnie. But is she really on their side?

Ivy/Drizella has proven she is interested in one thing: gaining power. When Lady Tremaine killed Cinderella’s fairy godmother and stole the fairy wand, Drizella instinctively reached out for it. She taunted Tiana’s loss of wealth and power, and she played a major role in taking away everything Jacinda cared about. Ivy also remembers her real identity. If she remembers who Henry is as well, she could be trying to get close to him to use the author’s power. 

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Is Ivy the real villain or does she just think she is controlling those around her? At the end of “Greenbacks,” Ivy had a little chat with the woman Victoria Belfry has locked at the top of her building. Ivy talked about deceiving Henry and working with the mysterious woman. From all appearances, Ivy is pulling the strings in Hyperion Heights. But sometimes appearances can be deceiving. When the mysterious woman called Ivy a “clever girl” Ivy looked surprised and pleased at the praise. It could be that the mysterious woman is manipulating Ivy. She clearly has some sort of history with Lady Tremaine, so she must know that in Victoria Belfry’s eyes Ivy will never measure up to the daughter she lost. The woman could be using Ivy’s vulnerability towards her mother to control her and to play both sides against each other. 

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So who is the true villain on Once Upon a Time? Is it Victoria Belfry? Ivy? Or the woman locked in the building? Could any of these three villains also have something to do with Detective Roger’s missing person case? Perhaps the mysterious woman knows the meaning behind the rune that he found. She could be the evil the rune wards against. 

Who do you think is the true villain? Is there a connection between the mysterious woman and Detective Roger’s missing person? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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