With portals all over Central City, you never know what meta human Barry and the gang will have to capture next on The Flash. This time around, in “The Darkness and the Light,” we meet a man who looks and sounds like Dr. Wells, but he isn’t. He’s a look-alike from Earth 2 who is looking to fix a mistake he made … creating meta humans, particularly Zoom.

The Wells look-alike has put everyone on edge. Joe gives Iris a gun just in case he is the evil Wells, Cisco is looking for a stiff drink and Caitlin wants to run tests, while Barry is trying to keep everyone calm. Does the Wells’ doppelganger call Cisco, Crisco? Yes, I think he does.

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Cisco’s Visions

Wells 2, who Cisco begins referring to as Harry, isn’t the only one to breach the portal. Dr. Light has traveled all the way from Earth 2 with Cisco aware of her arrival via his crazy, unexplainable visions. Dr. Light doesn’t waste any time. She breaks into the Central City bank. When Barry asks Cisco how he knew she was breaking into the bank, Cisco says he received an alert on his phone. It looks like Cisco will be keeping his secret under wraps a little longer.

Dr. Light

While the Doctor is a male in the comic book universe, The Flash‘s Dr. Light is a woman, and she looks just like Linda Park — Barry’s season 1 love interest who ended her relationship with him because of his feelings for Iris. This was a genius ploy by Zoom, we later learn. When Barry and Light come face to face during a bank robbery, she blinds him.

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Caitlin and Jay

Their stake-out is one of the best scenes of the night. I can’t help but feel like Caitlin is going to get hurt again. Jay is going to eventually go back to Earth 2, but seeing her connection with him is great. It’s obvious she really wants him to stay a part of the team. After Jay and Harry go at it with fists flying, Jay sticking around seems less likely.

Patty and Barry’s First Date

Barry and Patty finally go on their very first date! And while Barry is blind, these two have a great time. At first, Barry relies on Cisco remotely to be his eyes, but when Patty picks up on Barry’s loss of sight, Cisco gets ditched. His response is hilarious. The two finish out their night with a cute goodnight kiss before both being called to Dr. Light’s latest attack. This time, she is looking for the real Linda Park. Iris’ gun comes in handy when she shoots the mask off of Dr. Light, who escapes. 

With the mask back at the lab and the gang back together, more fighting breaks out. Barry feels guilty for not being around. Harry and Jay also go at it, with Harry calling Jay a coward. We finally see Cisco exposed by Harry and his meta human device. Harry comes in handy when he proves to Cisco that he can control his powers. He also helps Barry fight Park in the middle of a train station. She’s fast, but Barry is faster!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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