Blindspot is always a bit ridiculous, but this episode, “Sent on Tour,” takes all-expense paid trip to Crazytown. The show could stand to be a little bit more self-aware about its own insanity, but still, this nutty approach is working. If Blindspot is going to be bonkers, it might as well be the most bonkers show on TV. I can’t say if all (or any) of the many twists in “Sent on Tour” make complete sense, but they are exciting and awesome in their way. Blindspot can be called many things; boring is not one of them.

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Who is Saul Guerrero?

The craziness starts with Weller confronting Mayfair about the file number that is tattooed on Jane’s body, the same file that Mayfair forced Patterson not to pursue. Mayfair confesses that it refers to one of her old informants, Saul Guerrero. Guerrero went rogue, dark and all kinds of other dangerous buzzwords. The point is he turned his back on the FBI, didn’t want to be found and is super dangerous. This is why Mayfair didn’t want Patterson or anyone else on the team involved in the case.

Ironically (and illogically) enough, Patterson decodes another of Jane’s tattoos that leads the team directly to Guerrero’s new home. Guerrero is living in a creepy Twin Peaks-esque remote Michigan town. He is unarmed and the team quickly arrests him. If this sounds too straightforward and easy, that’s because it totally is too straightforward and easy. 

Apparently, the entire town has been hired by Guerrero. They would rather die than let him be taken. This backwoods militia steals the team’s car and begins to attack them with a comically large amount of weapons. This is probably the most normal thing that happens for the rest of the episode. 

Following the Tattoos 

With nowhere to go, Jane decides they need to head to the oil derricks that tower over the town, Jane’s reasoning being that they are tattooed on her back. Reade rightly puts forward how stupid this sounds, but he has just been a part of Blindspot, not watching it. Reade has no idea how crazy convenient Blindspot can be with Jane’s tattoos. Of course, Jane’s hunch turns out to be right. Inside the oil derricks, the team finds a hidden chest with a map and stash of weapons. 

Back in New York, Patterson has completely dropped all pretense of trying to keep her FBI life hidden. She has plastered all of Jane’s tattoos onto her kitchen wall for everyone — or, more accurately, just her nosy boyfriend, David — to see. David starts his own investigation into one of Jane’s tattoos and ropes Patterson in to his scavenger hunt. The search leads them to a specific book, in a specific library. Inside the book, one page has a series of letters circled. They figure that it must be some type of code.

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Backwoods Rescue

In Michigan, Weller realizes that the creepy backwoods militia has been following them through a tracker that is in Guerrero’s watch. Weller and Zapata take the tracker to blow the gun-toting maniacs off Guerrero’s trail. Meanwhile, Reade and Jane follow the clues on Jane’s body that correlate exactly to the map they found. At this point, 75% of Jane’s tattoos are going to relate to just this one case. The tattoos lead them to a helicopter in the middle of the woods because, honestly, why not at this point? How much crazier can it get?  

Reade and Jane double back to meet with Weller and Zapata in the forest ranger’s cabin. The “army” finds them, and a firefight ensues. Reade gets shot in his armor and that leads Jane to save the day. Jane goes outside to mow down the remaining gunmen and take the fire off Reade. For once, though, Weller shows up and saves Jane’s life. There are more bullets and shooting, and the team runs to the helicopter and escapes. Also, Jane can pilot a helicopter now. She’s terrified of flying but is also an expert pilot. So that’s a thing that happens.

Endings and Beginnings 

Patterson and David discover that the code they’ve found in a book is actually a message between two parties. People have been communicating using this book and circling letters. Patterson and David also decide to live together. These two events are somehow related.

Patterson and David’s happiness is broken up by Mayfair, who arrives and is rightfully furious at Patterson. Mayfair doesn’t fire Patterson, though she probably should. Instead, Mayfair allows Patterson this one mistake. Patterson does break up with David, though, because she decides she can’t be distracted from her work anymore. 

Weller convinces Mayfair to talk to Guerrero. Weller watches the interrogation and realizes that Mayfair lied to him. She was never Guerrero’s handler. She never even met him. When confronted (again), Mayfair admits she was lying and tells Weller the real reason that Guerrero’s case file is on Jane’s body. It has to do with Daylight, though the explanation of what Daylight actually is/means is saved for another episode.

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10pm on NBC.

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