Blindspot is a show about secrets and mysteries, and Lou Diamond Phillips begins an arc as Saul Guerrero in episode 7, and, as evidenced by what he could actually reveal to reporters, his character fits right into that world; he couldn’t even reveal how many episodes he’s in other than to say it’s more than one.

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“Saul is definitely a part of the puzzle,” Phillips teased, later adding that he’s “intrinsic to the plot and to what’s going on with not only Mayfair but obviously Jane.” “But I don’t even know if he knows what part he plays in this, and every question just leads to more questions and I’m just one big worm in a can of worms.”

Saul is a guy with a “great sense of humor” and “very funny lines,” the actor shared. “That’s one of the nice things about bad guys, is you have a license that you would not necessarily have as a hero, so it’s always fun to come in and let the bad guy play a little bit. … I love playing bad guys because the gloves come off and there are no rules.”

“There’s a certain charm to him. There’s definitely a sense of humor,” he continued. “There’s this off-the-cuff cavalier quality about him that I found very refreshing and a lot of fun to play, especially when everything else is so life and death for the regular characters.”

Phillips did get to do a lot of action in episode 7 — all while handcuffed — and yes, he did come away with some bumps and bruises. However, he’s of the mind that when it comes to fight scenes, “if you don’t come away a little sore, you weren’t doing it right.”

Watch the promo for “Sent on Tour” to see Phillips in action as Saul:

Guerrero’s file number is one of the tattoos on Jane’s body, but he’s not going to come quietly when the team goes to bring him in. “The people here have strict instructions not to let anyone take me away,” he informs him, and that’s when the real trouble begins.

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