Any fan of The CW’s hit series Supernatural can tell you a few things: Everybody loves Bobby. Kevin didn’t deserve it. And Chuck was God. I spoke with Rob Benedict about his new show Kings of Con, God in Supernatural season 11, and what to expect from his band, Louden Swain.

In Kings of Con, you play more exaggerated versions of yourselves; is that an easy role to play?

The people that we are onstage at the conventions in real life are a heightened version of who we are. I’m not quite as neurotic as I play on stage, but those are the parts of our shows that we’re blowing up and exaggerating. It’s this part of ourselves that gets us into these humorous situations backstage. But it’s fun, it’s kind of freeing. That’s our sense of humor, we’re self-deprecating. The show is going to be making fun of us, and the craziest people in the room are the actors’ themselves at these conventions.

What is your favorite part of the conventions?

You know it’s gotten to the point now where I like so much of it. I love being on stage for the Q&A talks with Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen, we get to share a panel together and that’s always fun. The Saturday night special, every single one is a really special experience for me and everyone stage, and I think everyone in the room as well, so that’s really become a highlight of the weekend.

Will Louden Swain ever play at a JIB Con, or another international event?

We’d do it in a second. The band is kind of waiting for the invite, so never lose faith. My hope is to bring the full band over, because if you want to get the full experience of the music I write, it should be with the band. 

Can Louden Swain fans expect a concert or tour outside of the convention circuit? 

There will definitely be more Louden Swain shows, and next year we are going to tour as much as we can. After Pasadena we’ll have a break for a couple months and our plan is to start recording our new album. In the meantime, the Saturday night show really is a Louden Swain show, with bonus stuff to it, and it’s open to the general public, so they can come and see the show even if they don’t have a ticket for the convention.

How was your experience working with Beau Bridges on Masters of Sex?

It was great. I always looked up to Beau and Jeff Bridges, as the kind of actor I would want to be. They seemed like really down to earth guys, and the kind of dudes I would want to hang out with. So to get to meet him and see that he’s exactly that, was really special to me. I can’t say enough good things about him, he’s a sweet man. It’s looking like it might go back next season, so I’d love to see where the character goes.

Things are getting Biblical this season on Supernatural. Will we get to see God in Season 11?

Even if I knew I couldn’t say anything, but it certainly feels like that’s the way the script is going, so we’ll see.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

I’m overwhelmed with all the support and love that comes my way from the Supernatural fandom. I can’t say enough. I come home from these conventions, and I’ve got a bag full of letters, cards, that people have given me, and I sit down and read them, and I can’t always point someone out, but I want them to know it’s received and it’s appreciated so much. This fandom is like no other. 

Supernatural season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on The CW.

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