Can Barry Allen be a screw-up in an episode of The Flash in which he is essentially correct about everything? You wouldn’t think so, but Barry is talented at making mistakes. What were his biggest screw-ups in “Therefore I Am”?

Barry’s Screw-ups

Although Barry absolutely knows that Clifford DeVoe is the evil mastermind (literally!) behind the bus metas, he does not do very well at proving this. He and Joe do a rather clunky job interviewing the DeVoes as the episode begins, and then Barry gets himself in trouble at work after attending one of DeVoe’s classes.

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This dogged — but wrong-footed — investigation even lands Barry in a bit of hot water with his friends. Iris assumes that Barry is getting wedding jitters, while everyone else is just unconvinced. If anything, Barry’s major failure in “Therefore I Am” is in getting others to believe him.

In the meantime, Barry breaks into the DeVoe house, making foolish mistakes like knocking over a wedding photo. This results in a restraining order — that Barry promptly breaks by confronting DeVoe openly. At least this last action gets something of a confession out of the villain!

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Everyone Else’s Screw-ups

It should probably be pointed out that Barry knows DeVoe is bad news, while everyone else spends quality time insisting that he is a good guy. Everyone from Captain Singh to Iris assumes that Barry is just mistaken about all of this.

Apparently, Barry has screwed up so much in the past that his friends and colleagues fail to trust his instincts.

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Meanwhile, “Therefore I Am” features a number of flashbacks that prove how DeVoe is an awfully stupid genius himself. Did he really think that creating a super-brain hat would be without side effects? The Thinker may be a genius, but this season’s big villain may be as much of a screw-up as his nemesis.

Is Barry the biggest screw up in “Therefore I Am” or do his friends/enemies take that title? What is the biggest mistake of the episode? Comment below to give your opinion and like our The Flash Facebook page for more news. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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