The Gifted picks up with another flashback in this episode, titled “threat of eXtinction.” This time, it’s to 1952, where two siblings are looking through the destruction they’ve caused over the years. When Interpol pays them a visit, the siblings join hands and use their powers against Interpol. There’s the instant feeling that these two are somehow linked to the Struckers and offer a hint of the things Andy and Lauren will be able to do.

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Reed Gets Answers About His Family

Reed needs answers about Trask, and the best person to give him some answer is his father. There’s a huge problem, though. He hasn’t spoken to his father since before his children were born. They didn’t have a good relationship, and Reed doesn’t have a good word to say about him. Reed asks John to go with him, but John needs to go get some refugees first.

John, Marcos and Clarice head out for the refugees. One of them, Esme, is a telepath and picks up feelings when close. She has been getting bad vibes from one of the mutants, who, it turns out, has the tattoo from the Sentinel Services. As John, Marcos and Clarice attempt to apprehend her, she attacks, but they use their powers to tackle her and get her back to HQ.

Now John can leave with Reed to get answers from Reed’s father. While there, Reed learns that he comes from a family of mutants. The siblings seen in the 1952 flashback were his grandfather and great-aunt — twin mutants who were monsters. Reed’s father is also a mutant and was supposed to be raised like his father and aunt. However, Reed’s father ran away. The only reason Reed doesn’t have it is because Reed’s father created a serum that would remove that mutant gene. It made Reed sick and almost cost him his life, and now Reed’s father views it as all for nothing.

Reed’s father fears for the world because Lauren and Andy have the same powers his father and aunt had. He’s concerned that they’ve held hands, but they are interrupted by Sentinel Services arriving. Dr. Campbell believes now that the mutants have one of his assets they know about Trask Industries, so he wants to pay a visit to Reed’s father. He has Pulse just in case there are mutants in there, since Pulse can stop mutants from using their abilities.

Reed’s father goes to see Sentinel Services, after warning Reed he will need to protect the world against Lauren and Andy, and is able to use his abilities despite Pulse there. The Sentinel Services shoots Reed’s father, but his abilities explode the building. Pulse is killed (with John by his side vowing to make Sentinel Services die), and Dr. Campbell is escorted away in pain.

Clarice Owes Dreamer an Apology

Meanwhile on The Gifted, Clarice bonds with a young mutant called Laura. Laura’s scared about something and spends her time alone with Zingo, the dog. Clarice is able to share the experience of clearly being a mutant by looks and wants to learn more about Laura’s background. Laura came from the same foster home as Clarice and was there when Clarice’s foster parents were killed.

Clarice decides to turn to Dreamer for help. Laura can’t stop dreaming about the murder of her foster parents, so she asks Dreamer to take the memories away. Clarice finally understands that maybe there is a place for Dreamer’s powers.

Kate also spends time bonding with Esme, who needs stitches after the attack by the brainwashed mutant. Esme is able to read Kate’s concern over the coming war between humans and mutants, and fears that she and Reed will end up on the opposite side as her children.

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The Mutants Try to Help One of Their Own

While John and Reed get their answers, Marcos, Lorna and the others are left to look after the brainwashed mutant. They need to get answers out of her. Dreamer’s abilities aren’t strong enough since they can’t get close to the mutant, and Marcos is angry when Lorna chooses to use her abilities to threaten with knives.

Lorna is terrified that all mutants will end up like this brainwashed one and is desperate for answers. That’s when Marcos realizes that the mutant looks like she is going through drug withdrawal symptoms. Kate confirms this theory, and they deduce that the mutant has been on cake, a mutant drug. This could work to their advantage, but they need Lauren and Andy to work together to restrain the mutant long enough for Kate to put her to sleep.

The plan goes smoothly, but Kate realizes that the addiction to the drug may be too severe. Kate worries the mutant will die, but if the mutant is still somewhere in there, she may tell the group everything she knows.

One of the refugee mutants is angry that the brainwashed mutant has been released from the cage. Andy uses his powers to threaten the refugee enough to scare him.

Sage finds an arrest warrant on the girl, finding out that her name is Chloe and she was arrested after destroying a doctor’s office when her child couldn’t be treated of an illness. When Chloe wakes up, she tries to communicate but is unable to talk.

Kate seeks help by going to Esme, who feels a lot of pain and need. The report from Sentinel Services is wrong. Sentinel Services killed her husband and took her daughter, before taking Chloe to Trask Industries. Chloe dies on the table.

As Lorna and Marcos make up, Reed returns. Kate realizes that Reed’s father has died and hugs him. The Strucker siblings just hold hands, indicating that everything Reed’s father feared is happening.

What do you think this means for the Struckers? Will they become the most dangerous mutants of all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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