The team finds an alien ship has crashed underwater in National City on tonight’s Supergirl, “Wake Up,” and there’s a surprise occupant inside, Mon-El. And, he’s not alone. Kara’s been dealing with a broken heart since Mon-El left at the end of last season, but his return may not be the end of her heartache.

BuddyTV spoke with Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh about Mon-El’s return and the introduction of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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For those hoping for a happy reunion, Benoist warns, “it’s pretty mysterious. … It won’t be the reunion you expect.” 

For Alex, she’s not going to accept his return without question, “There’s a skepticism, you know what I mean? After all that time, you can kind of really figure out, and understand what happened with Mon-El, and the time that’s passed and sort of what that looks like,” Leigh said. It’s not an easy pill to swallow no matter what, and for Alex, Alex is always going to be protective, again, of her sister.”

While that doesn’t bode well for Karamel, it does sound like his return will help Kara evolve and develop personally, “This season, we’ve really delved into a different tone, a different atmosphere for Kara,” Benoist said. 

“She’s really figuring out how to own her alien-ness, if you will. And in turn, I think she’s finding her womanhood at the same time through grief, and that grief is apparent even in the coloring of the show, so I think it’s a long– it won’t be the reunion you expect.”

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The situation is complicated by the fact that Mon-El doesn’t return alone. With his return comes the introduction of the Legion of Super-Heroes, which brings with it a larger complication.

“With the Legion coming in, it’s sort of like you never have a down moment or a dull moment. It’s like you gotta deal with these things, and arrgh, everything comes in, and it all just falls down at once,” Leigh said.

Benoist concurs about the Legion, “That’s really exciting for us. For Kara, it’s a brand new set of problems that you’ll see pretty quickly.”

Watch the full answers in the video interview clips below: 

Melissa Benoist Interview

Chyler Leigh Interview

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