If more than three seasons of The Flash have taught us anything, it is that Barry Allen tends to screw things up. He doesn’t even need an excuse like drunkenness — saving the world is enough for the Flash to cause trouble. So it’s a surprise in “Girls Night Out” that Caitlin Snow may have beaten an intoxicated Barry in being the biggest screw-up.

How Caitlin Screws Up

Viewers have known all season that Caitlin has been lying about Killer Frost. Not only has the scientist’s villainous alter ego been showing up, but the white-haired meta is also in deep with some unsavory characters. All of this catches up to Caitlin in “Girls Night Out.”

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The result is a snake-eyed guy crashing the bachelorette party, followed by Caitlin turning into Killer Frost for most of the party. There is also the little problem of a death feud between Frost and Amunet Black, one that threatens everyone’s lives before the episode ends.

Although Caitlin/Frost does win in the fight, she stumbles along the way. Underestimating Amunet is a major problem, with the evil lady showing up unexpectedly and killing some poor cops. Later, Frost just kind of lets Amunet get away — this is sure to come back to haunt all of Team Flash in the future.

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How Barry Screws Up

While the ladies of The Flash are out fighting evil meta-humans, the guys are busy drinking and fighting in a strip club. Barry’s contributions to this trouble are mostly innocent: After Cisco gives the Flash some extra-strong super booze, Barry spends quality time as a drunken buffoon.

Fortunately, no one believes the drunk’s declarations of “I’m the Flash!” Barry does not, after all, look like much of a superhero stumbling around and covering himself with wing sauce. Also, thanks to the strip club’s no-phone policy, Barry is not called on to save the day. That would have been a true screw-up if Barry tried to face an enemy while inebriated.

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The Bigger Screw-up?

Barry may have been a bit of a drunken idiot in “Girls Night Out,” but his failures are a lot less important than Caitlin’s. Consequences make this clear: While Barry pays for his intoxication with a bad hangover, Caitlin is looking at a long-term foe with deadly abilities. She has to face everyone knowing her Killer Frost secret now too. That is definitely a bigger issue than a night of drinking.

Who, Caitlin or Barry, is the biggest screw-up in “Girls Night Out”? What was the biggest mistake of the episode? Comment below to give your opinion and like our The Flash Facebook page for more news. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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