It might be a little tricky to locate The Finder when the show returns from its brief March hiatus — The Finder will not be in its current, post-American Idol timeslot on Thursdays anymore. On which day of the week will The Finder find itself?

The final Thursday-night episode of The Finder will air on Thursday, March 8 at 9pm. There will be a four-week hiatus, and then starting on April 6, The Finder will move to Fridays at 8pm on FOX. The new Kiefer Sutherland drama, Touch, will take over the 9pm timeslot on Thursdays.

The Finder, a spinoff of FOX’s successful Bones series, follows the antics and crime-solving of Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults), a possibly brain-damaged and probably crazy veteran with the ability to locate just about anything or anyone lost. Walter works out of a Florida bar and solves his crimes with the help of a gargantuan sidekick named Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan), a hot US marshal named Isabel (Mercedes Masohn) and a random teenage delinquent named Willa (Maddie Hasson).

With moderate ratings in its post-American Idol timeslot (a little more than 6 million viewers in its most recent airing), The Finder has been considered a moderate — although not breakaway — success since its midseason debut. Its parent show, Bones (which is itself moving to Mondays this spring on FOX), may be a safe bet for renewal, but there is no indication of what will happen to The Finder after it finishes the episodes in its Friday-evening spring run.

At least The Finder has a big episode to lure in viewers to the rough waters of Friday-night television. The first new episode in the timeslot features a guest-starring appearance by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as a music mogul who hires Walter to find the source of some illegally released songs. Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Eureka) also guest stars in the episode.

Will The Finder do well in its new timeslot? What do you think about FOX moving both Bones and The Finder away from Thursdays? Do you expect a second-season renewal for The Finder? Leave your comments below!

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