After Nick Jonas’ guest starring appearance last week, will Smash lose any of its luster? Far from it. NBC has released a whole slew of sneak peeks at next Monday’s episode, “Let’s Be Bad,” and let’s just say the drama is just beginning.

First up, Karen and Ivy have an awkward conversation together in the rehearsal room. Do you think they’ll ever be able to get along or is it all downhill from here?

Yeah, I don’t think they’ll be besties anytime soon, as evident by this next clip in which Karen reprises her little “Happy Birthday” moment from the pilot, but this time in front of the whole cast, showing up Ivy in the process. Again, awkward!

Now for the performances! First, Ivy (Megan Hilty) steps back into Marilyn’s shoes and delivers an original, “Let’s Be Bad.”

Next, Karen (Katharine McPhee) takes on the James Brown classic, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” And is it just me or, now that she’s in the ensemble, is the show relegating all of Karen’s performances to outside of Marilyn: The Musical? Besides Marilyn and DiMaggio, I wonder if there will be any other main characters. If so, Karen could take it on so that she could be more in the forefront.

Finally, Michael (Will Chase) serenades Julia (Debra Messing) with Elton John’s “A Song for You.” Uh oh! Will their affair pick back up from where they previously left off?

And here’s a TV spot promo for “Let’s Be Bad”:

According to NBC, in episode 5, “Karen finds a new use for her acting talents as she joins Dev at a high-powered government party. The drama between Michael and Julia heats up, as Eileen and Tom’s ambitious assistant Ellis forge an alliance. Ivy senses trouble in her relationship with Derek.

Smash airs Mondays at 10pm on NBC.

(Image courtesy of NBC)

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