Glee might be on hiatus at the moment and won’t return until April 10, but we still have some fantastic Glee-related news to report on. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the Glee cast is now the eighth bestselling digital artist of all time. More than 32 million songs have been downloaded in the U.S. (and 42 million worldwide) so far in its short two and a half year span.

The soundtrack executive of Columbia Records, Glen Brunman, said of the news, “There has never been anything like Glee. The idea that 58 episodes of a television show can generate sales of 32 million downloads is simply staggering. We are deeply indebted to the artists and songwriters whose music inspire us all.”

This news comes just a year after it was announced that Glee has the most number of songs on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, beating Elvis’ record.

Even though it’s been widely reported that Glee‘s download sales are down (to go along with the decreased ratings), some recent songs have certainly faired well. “I Will Always Love You,” Amber Riley’s cover of the Whitney Houston hit (coincidentally released just days after Houston’s death), sold almost 45,300 songs. Two songs from the Michael Jackson tribute episode have sold even more than that, with “Bad” having downloads of 48,700 and “Smooth Criminal” with 161,400. I personally love the “Smooth Criminal” cover; Naya Rivera is fantastic on this track.

Besides digital downloads, the show has also released soundtrack albums over the years, which have performed strongly. The show has had three soundtracks debut at No. 1, two platinum albums, three gold albums and even a Grammy nomination. Not too shabby.

Glee returns April 10 at 8pm on FOX.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

(Image courtesy of FOX)

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