This week on The Finder, a man wants Walt to literally find his last meal — one that he had with his wife before it was shut down following the death of its chef. Because the restaurant closed, the man believes his marriage has gone downhill. It’s somewhat of a convoluted, hard-to-follow, uninteresting story, but hey, Walter and Willa get arrested!

Walter Goes to Jail

Walter pays a visit to the restaurant that’s been closed by breaking inside. Leo’s keeping watch, but when the police arrive and he phones Walter, the phone’s been left in the car! Busted.

Walter’s whisked away to jail, where Isabel pays him a visit. Turns out, the chef that was killed inside the restaurant three years ago had been working with the police because money was being laundered out of the restaurant. Ever since, Isabel has been frequenting the barbershop next door to the restaurant in exchange for them keeping an eye on it. And when they saw someone (Walter) breaking inside, they called the police.

Cat Fight

Word on the street is there’s a woman matching Willa’s description who’s been smoking up and down the streets of Miami. Willow’s parole officer believes it’s Willow and wants her to check in more frequently to make sure she’s staying out of trouble. I thought Willa and her PO patched things up — or at least, I thought she wouldn’t jump to conclusions when something bad happens.

Willa tracks down the lookalike, giving her a friendly warning to take her business out of the county. And then? Serious cat fight. I wouldn’t ever miss with Willa.

She’s taken to jail, where she uses her one phone call to call Timo, which hurts Leo’s feelings. Walter gets her out of jail, but only so she can help him steal something.

Smoke Monster

Walter tracks down another chef at the restaurant. It turns out he had still been cooking in the area with his signature smoke-flavored taste. Except when he runs out of the special type of chili, he can no longer give it that extra kick. And he can’t go buy any more because the aunt of the mob guy owns the only store that sells it.

So Walter enlists Willa’s help to get it. Except they’re followed and lead the bad guys straight to the chef. The chef kills one of the guys, and everyone thinks everything’s fine, until the mob men come visit the bar, just as the table had been set out for the original couple’s meal together.

Love Renewed

One of the more interesting subplots involved the couple, whose marriage has been going downhill since the closing of the restaurant. Is it really the delicious food that kept them together? While the man doesn’t want to continue working at saving the marriage, the woman seems to have all-but given up — until the surprise dinner makes her realize he’d been trying all along, and she hadn’t. The significance of this particular part is that the woman airs her thoughts to Isabel.

Walt continues to “court” her, in his Walt-like ways, without actual romance. But I wonder if she actually does not have romantic feelings for him or if she’s seeing someone — after all, it’s revealed that she gets notifications on her phone to take her birth control pill.

Calling A Truce

The final meal comes with a lot of amusing moments, like people stealing the silverware — the man steals just a regular knife, while Willow steals a giant one. Then there’s the woman who interrupts everyone’s arguing to tell them to shut up so she can enjoy her food.

And then, Leo writes up a business agreement so both sides can work — together — in peace.

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