The friendship between Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) has gone through plenty of development over the past seven seasons. In this slideshow, I count down ten of the best moments between these two agents.

#10 Elevator panic (“Scared to Death”)

Morgan and Reid got stuck in an old, faulty elevator and began to freak out that something went wrong and they might die. This scene stood out because it showed how the normally brave agents could have a moment of sheer panic just like the rest of us. It was also very funny.  


#9 Morgan lent Reid his expertise (“52 Pickup”)

Morgan tried to give Reid pointers on how to pick up women by using his magic tricks. He then helped Reid talk up the very attractive bartender. This moment stood out because it showed how Reid relies on Morgan for advice and Morgan always comes through.  

#8 Morgan asked Reid what it meant (“Penelope”)

After Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) was shot, Morgan told Reid that he had asked Garcia to go out with him that night but she had refused because she was angry at him, so Morgan went to church instead. He wondered what it meant that the first time he prayed in 20 years was the exact moment Garcia was in surgery fighting for her life. This scene was memorable because the normally private Morgan felt comfortable enough with Reid to share his personal thoughts.  

#7 Reid confided in Morgan (“The Instincts”)

Reid told Morgan about his childhood and how he had been having the same recurring nightmares since he was a kid. This scene stood out because Reid chose to talk to Morgan about his past and express his present concerns.  

#6 You were her hero (“Somebody’s Watching”)

Reid told Morgan he thought the victim only kissed him because he was there to protect her and Morgan pointed out that Reid saved her life, which made him a hero in Morgan’s book. Morgan then went on to say that relationships were tough, but Reid didn’t have to make a choice about anything right away. This scene struck because Morgan helped Reid recognize his own heroics and work out his thoughts when it came to his new crush. 

#5 Reid confronted Morgan (“The Popular Kids”)

After Reid learned that Morgan had told their superiors about Reid’s nightmares, he was angry at his friend. Morgan then opened up about his own bad dreams and how Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) helped him work things through. This scene stood out because Morgan was willing to talk about his own personal, private experience in order to help his friend.  

#4 Reid blamed himself (“Conflicted”)

After the UnSub was taken into custody, Reid felt guilty that he did not notice the signs early enough to save Adam from his other personality, mostly thanks to his experience with Tobias Hankel. But Morgan pointed out that they cannot save everyone. This moment was memorable because it showed that Morgan would not let Reid take the blame for something he could not control.  

#3 Reid opened about up being bullied as a kid (“Elephant’s Memory”)

After Morgan noticed how much Reid was identifying with the UnSub in their case, he got Reid to spill the details of the bullying he suffered in school. This moment stood out because it was clearly hard for Reid to talk about this part of his past, yet he felt secure enough in his friendship with Morgan to do so.  

#2 Reid told Morgan what was upsetting him (“Fear and Loathing”)

Morgan asked Reid to open up about what was going on with him after his attack and Reid got defensive. Reid confessed that the crime scene photos bothered him because he knew what the victims were thinking right before their deaths. Morgan said he should let that experience make him a better profiler and a better person. This conversation was significant because Reid acknowledged how his abduction affected him and trusted that Morgan would not judge him for it.  

#1 Morgan tried to comfort Reid (“With Friends Like These”)

Morgan knew Reid was afraid for his health since he was at the age where schizophrenic breaks happen and Reid spoke of the ‘signs’ he had been noticing lately in his own behavior. Morgan pointed out that Reid was still grieving for Prentiss (Paget Brewster) and he needed to cut himself some slack. This scene was memorable because Reid admitted his doubts about his own mental stability, knowing that Morgan would understand and do anything he could to help.    

Megan Cole

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