This week we saw Barney and Quinn’s relationship cross a major threshold — being able to pass wind in front of each other. It seems this couple is going strong, but what does that mean for Barney and Robin? Meanwhile, how will Ted and Robin’s friendship change with her recent rejection of his love? How I Met Your Mother co-creator Carter Bays shares some insight into the complicated romantic dynamics of the group, as well as what to expect in the season finale.

Quinn May Be the One
As the female version of Barney, Quinn does seem well suited to be his mate and so far there’s been no sign of trouble in the surprisingly fitting relationship. Yes, they’ve moved fast (they’re already living together – a huge step for Barney and his bachelor pad), but according to Entertainment Weekly, Bays says that’s believable, considering “Barney is in love.” Furthermore, he says, “At a certain age, you stop worrying about the pacing so much and you sort of realize you’re only on this planet a short time so you might as well be with the person you care about most. And I think that’s Quinn right now for Barney.” This news will not be well-received by Barney/Robin shippers, but perhaps Bays’ emphasis on “right now” leaves some room for Robin to be the one standing next to Barney at the altar in the season finale.

Speaking of Barney’s wedding, it seems possible the episode will be a flash-forward, meaning though Quinn and Barney have a solid relationship, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s most likely to be his bride. But how much further in time will the wedding be? Bays admits they purposefully had Neil Patrick Harris hide his left hand in this week’s flash-forward to 2015, perhaps to hide the fact that the wedding will happen within three years.

101341_D0053b.jpgThe Ted-Robin-Barney Triangle
Because this week’s episode had very few moments in the present narrative, we haven’t seen Ted and Robin interact since she rejected his love, moved out and they had one silent meet up at MacLaren’s, after which Future Ted said, “We wouldn’t see each other for a long time.” Bays confirms the two still aren’t talking, telling TV Line that the two “have now reached the point where it’s not as simple as hanging out at the bar and forgetting the fact that Ted’s in love with her, and she’s not in love with him. It’s complicated.”

But! That doesn’t mean all hope for love is dashed. Robin has been dealing with Barney’s new relationship well because she “wants the best for [him].” However, Bays says there’s still the “lingering question” of her feelings for Barney – and possibly Ted! He says a Ted-Robin relationship is “always on the table,” describing the love triangle as something of a constant on this show: “As long as they’re all in each other’s worlds, there’s always going to be that tension between these three characters. It’ll take something big happening for that to go away.” Hmm, like a wedding, perhaps?

With all these unresolved feelings and tension running high, it’s difficult to see how it will all come together in the last four episodes of the season. But Bays eases any anxiety we might have, stating there will be “a satisfying ending – the way it all wraps up as the season comes to a close.”

Well, a happy ending may be in the eye of the beholder, seeing as some of us are rooting for Quinn and others Robin. What do you all think? What would constitute a satisfying ending? Quinn and Barney at the altar? Robin and Barney finally realizing they’re meant to be? Ted meeting the mother so he can finally move on?

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