Get ready because it’s time for another tribute episode on Glee! Next Tuesday, the hit FOX musical will be paying homage to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. So look forward to non-stop disco numbers from start to finish in “Saturday Night Glee-ver.”

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FOX has started releasing preview videos from this episode. In the first one, we see Will talking to Sue in her office. Will vents that he’s running out of ideas. Sue suggests he have New Directions take on Saturday Night Fever (it seems like she comes up with a lot of these tribute ideas, first with Madonna). There’s just one problem, though: the kids hate disco. So what’s the solution? 

Then, are you ready for some girl power? Because this performance of “Disco Inferno” is taken up by Mercedes, Santana and Brittany. Amber Riley’s vocals will blow you away here, as will the choreography. And it wouldn’t be a disco tribute without a dance floor that lights up.

Did that performance make you excited for this episode? And what do you make of Sue suggesting the tribute idea?

Glee‘s Saturday Night Fever tribute episode, “Saturday Night Glee-ver” airs next Tuesday at 8pm on FOX.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Perez Hilton

(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)

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