For eight acts, this second chance is their last chance: it’s the America’s Got Talent Wild Card Results Show! Of all the things that have been “Poppin” in the Orville Redenbacher room, this group might be one of the Poppinest. Howie promises to be surprised tonight.

First to the stage, three of Sharon’s acts: Shevonne, Yellow Designs Stunt Team, and West Springfield Dance Team. Uh oh, two of the Teams are going against each other! This is unexpected. Everyone looks more normal without their stage makeup. West Springfield Dance Team moves on. Aww, Yellow Designs Stunt Team! Sad.

The “What’s Popping” segment was overshadowed by a performance from Les Miserables. The only thing missing was Rebecca Black. I’m not sure I agree with the directorial choice to have cast members sneak up behind the judges and sing at them. Piers, Sharon, and Howie don’t really fit into my ideal Les Miserables experience.

Avery and the Calico Hearts, Charles Peachock, Those Funny Little People, and The Kinetic King head for the stage. Oh I hope it’s The Kinetic King! It was exponentially more delightful with every reaction that finally went well. Woo hoo! He’s still wearing his goggles! Indeed, The Kinetic King moves on! Victory!! Piers bowed to him! Fantastic.

Next to the stage: Landon Swank and Seth Grabel. It’s the battle of the magicians! I think it will be Landon Swank, he had the pimp spot. In the battle of the magicians, Landon Swank emerges as the victor. Alright. The only thing sad about this situation, is that so far all of Piers’s choices are returning.

In the Semi-Finals next week, everyone will add more FIRE! Literal fire. If everyone doesn’t add more fire to their act, I’ll be upset.

Then Colbie Caillat sang that song they’re using for all of The Help‘s previews.

The Fiddleheads, Summerwind Skippers, and J Chris Newberg remain. I feel mostly lukewarm about all three of these acts. The act eliminated first is J Chris Newberg. So it will be up to Sharon which remaining act goes through. Haven’t the Fiddleheads been here before?

Sharon is in rare form tonight. Piers starts making his usual speech and Sharon started swearing and swatting him, “will you stop it? Just shut up!” Sharon chooses the Summerwind Skippers. Next week: more fire!

(image courtesy of NBC)

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