After watching all the (emotional) ugliness of last week’s Bachelor Pad premiere, I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to throw an egg or two at some of this season’s more obnoxious Pad residents, especially a certain pair of insufferable ex-lovebirds whose crocodile tears took up a lot of the episode. (Their names rhyme with Snake and Sienna.) If they don’t deserve a couple eggs thrown at them, then who does?

Well … nobody, as it turns out. At least that’s the conclusion I came to after watching this preview for tonight’s episode of Bachelor Pad, which gave me such a bad case of the heart heeby-jeebies that I had to cover my eyes like it was a horror movie. In a call-back to last season’s disastrous quiz challenge, which asked all the Padders to answer questions about each other like, “Who’s the least attractive?”, tonight’s challenge raises the stakes and the risk of trauma, as the contestants must line up half-naked, blind-folded and with bull’s eyes painted on their backs so the members of the opposite sex can throw paint-filled eggs at their answers.

It’s hard to watch. It’s hurtful in more ways than one. And yet it’s par for the Bachelor Pad course, really. Watch the punishments keep on coming in this preview:

Yeeeesh. See what I mean? Even seeing Jake “The Creep” Pavelka get an egg in the back is made more uncomfortable than gratifying by the fact that it’s his ex-fiancee throwing the egg, and then giggling like a mean little girl after it hits him. Most of these people are unlikable, but this still seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

Be sure to come back here for my full recap of the episode after it airs at 8pm on ABC tonight. If there’s one thing I don’t have compassion for, it’s people with no compassion. So tonight’s recap should be a real doozy.

Not enough paintball pain for you just yet? Check out pictures of the carnage:

(Image courtesy of ABC)

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