Hold onto your hats, Supernatural fans. The show has done plenty of crazy things, from TV parodies to a fan convention to references to slash fan fiction. But all of that is nothing compared to what’s coming up next.

According to TVLine.com, an upcoming episode will feature Sam and Dean stuck in an alternate universe where they are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, two actors on a TV show named Supernatural. Jared’s real-life wife Genevieve Cortese (aka the second Ruby) will also guest star as herself.

Is your mind blown? Because mine is.

My first instinct was to think this idea is way too silly for Supernatural to pull off. This breaks the fourth wall more than anything I’ve ever seen on TV, and it seems impossible to take the show seriously if they do this. But then I thought about it some more.

If any show can pull this off, it’s Supernatural. The show has done surprisingly well with self-referential storylines ever since Chuck Shurley first showed up. Also, the storyline reminds me of Charlie Kaufman films like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, which are some of the most inspired movies I’ve ever seen.

However, now I’m interested in what else we’ll see in the real-life alternative universe. Will Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble or others show up, and if so, will they play themselves, or will the show hire actors to play these real people?

There are also plenty of opportunities for jokes about the actors themselves. I would really appreciate it if Jared Padalecki would make a reference to Gilmore Girls and point out how weird it is that he used to play Dean on that show, but he doesn’t play Dean on this one. That’s always bugged me.

What would you like to see in this supremely meta episode? Look forward to it coming at the end of February. Supernatural returns with new episodes starting January 28.

Source: TVLine.com
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